Once again, help Phil Eggtree escape the Riddle School.

Phil Eggtree is once again forced to endure another boring day at school in Riddle School 2. It’s up to you to help him sneak away with nothing but your wits. Of course it won’t be easy; Teachers and even students are blocking your way. If you’re having trouble helping Phil escape, here’s the one Complete the Riddle School 2 walkthrough to facilitate.

Complete the Riddle School 2 walkthrough

To escape the puzzle school, you need to set yourself up for success. The best strategy is to gather as many items as you need in advance, like so:

  1. Exit the band room.

    Collect four Quarters throughout the Band Room. Two are on the floor (one is from Phred), one on the music stand and one on the drums. Give them to Phred for a whistle to blow for distraction and exit the band room.

    How to exit the band room in Puzzle School 2
  2. Retrieve the following items.

    In Mrs. Sleep’s classroom, get 30 cents and Trombone Slide Oil from the open desk. Go right to Mr. Sum and the ladies’ room. Open the next locker next to the ladies’ room and collect the dime. Go to the end of the hall where Chubb is and use the trombone slide oil on the vent for a roll of toilet paper.

  3. Go to the men’s room.

    Give the roll of toilet paper to the person in the cabin so they can get the mop. Go into the janitor’s closet and give the mop to the janitor for another penny.

    Where can I find the mop in Puzzle School 2?
  4. Get Chubb out of the way.

    Go to the teachers lounge and click on the back of the vending machine. Plug in the power cord and use the money you have to buy a cookie. If you give it to Chubb, he’ll move and allow you access to the office. You will receive a key.

  5. Leave the puzzle school.

    Exit the office and head left to the end of the hall where Mrs. Sleep’s classroom is. Click on the double doors to exit the Riddle School.

It does for them Complete the Riddle School 2 walkthrough, down to the smallest step. It’s a pretty simple escape room puzzle game compared to the previous episode. If you’re looking for a real challenge, try Riddle Transfer 2.


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