Colorado’s COVID-19 metrics are rising – again Health authorities advise precautionary measures

Meanwhile, boosters, or third doses, of the COVID-19 vaccine for 5- to 11-year-olds could soon be available in Colorado. Colorado Department of Health and Environment Deputy Director Diana Herrero said it could happen once a government scientific panel recommends it and the CDC director officially approves it.

“It could be a few days before vendors can offer these cans,” she said.

There are nearly 100,000 children in this age group who are at least five months away from their second dose and are eligible for a booster shot.

Herrero also said the state has ample vaccine supplies for this group.

“Parents really shouldn’t have a problem getting those third doses for their kids,” she said.

Not long after Thursday’s update, the state health department expanded and amended a public health regulation. It orders people to wear masks in certain places and situations, especially in gathering settings such as jails and jails, and health care facilities.

It also clarifies what type of masks are required for everyone in the facility, as well as the COVID-19 levels that trigger the mask requirement, per CDC guidelines.

Two counties in Colorado (Boulder and Mineral counties) are now at intermediate COVID-19 community levels, according to the CDC, which means they must follow mask requirements for places that serve vulnerable populations, such as homeless shelters, jails, prisons, community corrections, substance abuse and day treatment programs as well as day centers and day programs for adults.

A number of other counties, including most Front Range and Mountain counties (see below), are experiencing significant or high community transmission rates, according to the CDC’s COVID Data Tracker. Starting today, districts in these tiers must meet healthcare facility masking requirements. These are defined as “facilities, offices, clinics, or other places where medical services are provided, including hospitals, ambulatory surgical centers, free-standing emergency rooms, urgent care centers, clinics (including medical clinics or services in non-medical facilities), physicians’ offices, and not urgent medical care structures.”

See the map downloaded from the CDC website below:

Color-coded Colorado counties show the extent of community transmission across the state.

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