Colorado Parks and Wildlife is soliciting public contributions to distribute big game hunting licenses

Colorado Parks and Wildlife officials are encouraging interested stakeholders to fill out a comment form and share their thoughts on the big game license distribution process while the agency considers a handful of proposed changes.
Colorado Parks and Wildlife / Wayne D. Lewis

Colorado Parks and Wildlife is considering changes to policies and regulations governing the distribution of big game hunting licenses in Colorado, and the agency is seeking feedback from big game hunters in the state.

CPW encourages the public to fill out a comment form and share their thoughts on the current big game license distribution process. The comment form is open until February 20th. The results will be shared with the Colorado Parks and Wildlife Commission to inform their decision-making process on big game license distribution.

Changes being considered include a preference point banking system and preference point averaging for group applicants. The commission is also considering updating the high-demand hunting code, splitting it from 80% residents and 20% non-residents to 90% residents and 10% non-residents, and an overall license allocation of 75% residents and 25%. to non-residents.

These subjects were requested by the Commission. The results of the comments form will be discussed during the March 15-16 Commission meeting.

Changes already made include the Parks and Wildlife Commission’s approval of an update to the allocation of big game licenses in November 2022. The three-year preference point average used to determine high-demand hunting codes, which are allocated 80% residents and 20% for Non-residents have been updated so that CPW uses the last three years (with a one-year lag).

The commission also decided to retain the six preference point threshold used to determine high demand hunt codes, adding approximately 1,200 deer and elk hunting codes to the 80/20 allocation of high demand hunts. This change is effective for the 2023 Big Game Hunting season.

According to CPW, due to the complexity of the issue, as well as continued interest, the Parks and Wildlife Commission requested that license distribution be reviewed separately from the upcoming Big Game Season Structure. Members of the Colorado General Assembly have also expressed an interest in changes.


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