Cole’s customer shares how she made $126 on grocery shopping for less than $2

A Coles shopper in the Victoria area managed to snag an impressive grocery delivery at an incredibly low price by arriving at the store for what she described as a “Markdown clock”.

The lucky shopper shared her success story on a Facebook group devoted to finding discounted products in stores across Australia. Along with a photo of her haul, which included 18 items spanning groceries, dairy, baked goods, produce and meat, the shopper revealed that she timed her shopping spree perfectly, having only paid $1.82 for the which would normally cost $126.50.

Cole's markdown transport

The savvy shopper managed to snag $126.50 worth of items at Cole’s for just $1.82. Source: Facebook/A. Bruno

Among the reduced Coles items were several packs of chicken thigh chops and portions of barramundi, bacon, organic apples, bagels, dip and milk, all reduced to a staggering 10 cents. The customer also snagged pork belly and herbed chicken steaks for just 20 cents each, further increasing her amazing yield.

“What a score!”

The post was flooded with comments from other shoppers disbelieving at the discounts. “That’s incredible! Good for you,” one person wrote. “What a score!” another interjected. “These bargains will taste even better if you know what you paid for,” laughed a third.

Many other bargain hunters were eager to learn their secrets and time their shopping sprees, hoping to find similar deals for themselves.

“What time is markdown clock?” one person asked, while another inquired, “What time do I have to be at Coles’ to get discounts?” A third member of the group echoed the sentiment, pleading, “How do you know when these kinds of discounts are coming?”

Several members of the group shared their own experiences and expressed disappointment that they had never found similar offers in stores near them. “Why, oh why can’t I ever find bargains like this?” one member complained while another asked, “I never manage to get discounts, when do you usually go?”

Cole's markdown transport and receipt

“I love the thrill of hitting the markdown jackpot. Cheers to you!” A Facebook user reacted to the bargain Coles haul. Source: Facebook/A. Bruno

When to Find Coles Discounts

The post’s author shared her strategy with the group, revealing that she timed her shopping spree to coincide with potential stock discounts. “I was there for dinner (daily markdowns) and all the items were out of date that day,” she explained.

Another shopper confirmed this strategy and shared her own experience of buying multiple discounted items, including pizza and potatoes, while shopping in the evening. “My locale last night marked heaps down to 140F so I cleaned up,” she wrote.

Coles interferes

However, a Coles spokesman provided clarification on the matter, explaining that price reductions do not happen consistently across stores at a set time.

“There are many things that can impact when this takes place, including inventory levels, delivery schedules and team member rosters,” the spokesman said.

“We know our customers love value for money. As a product nears its sell-by date, we often mark it down so it can be enjoyed at a cheaper price rather than being wasted.”

The spokesperson also advised Coles that “food safety is of the utmost importance,” which is why they encourage all customers to pay attention to use-by and best-before dates, which determine how long food can be kept, quality deteriorates, and if the item is not edible.

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