Class changes in Apex Legends Season 17 make Support Legends OP

Apex Legends is getting some serious class changes in Season 17.

The latest Apex Legends patch notes reveal some shocking class overhauls. Classes were first revamped in Season 16, and Legends were divided into four distinct classes, each with their own class-related abilities. But it looks like the developers have decided to make some changes after seeing how the classes worked in Season 16.

Class changes in Apex Legends in Season 17

One of the biggest changes Apex Legends players noticed was the remapping of Mirage from Skirmisher to support. This gives him access to the Support-exclusive abilities instead.

Speaking of which, class abilities will also be changed in Season 17.

Attack class changes

Assault Legends will have their Smart Loot ability rebalanced to be less likely to skip a rarity tier. This nerf essentially means that Assault Legends won’t find Gold Attachments as often if they currently carry Blue Attachments. On the other hand, the optics they find in the containers take into account the needs of the entire squad and not just the individual attack legend. Gold Optics will also have a “special drop rate”, but it’s not clear exactly what that means.

Skirmisher class changes

Skirmishers got a small boost in Season 17. Care Package loot is pinged for the whole team instead of the individual skirmisher.

Support class change

Support Legends are guaranteed at least one Shield Battery when accessing the Advanced Supply Caches. Even more interestingly, Support Legends are likely to encounter a Mobile Respawn Beacon in this secret compartment if their teammate is dead – even if the banner card hasn’t been crafted or found. Another great addition to the Support class is the full squad’s ability to craft expired banner cards at Replicators, as long as they have a Support class Legend on their team.

Response to the changes has been overwhelmingly positive, particularly from fans of Support Legends. Some players even found the upgrade to the support class OP. One player even said, “The support buff made me cheeky.”

But the question is, can the two remaining teammates craft a fallen support legend’s banner? That hasn’t been answered yet.

For now, players will have to wait out Season 17 to see how these class changes play out. Season 17 comes to Apex Legends on May 9th, bringing class and weapon changes as well as Ballistic, the newest Legend with a touching father-son backstory.


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