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Christina Hall’s $12 million mansion features a home theater and infinity pool

Christina and Josh Hall just bought a new home.

Josh Hall and Christina Hall smile with their realtor outside of their home.

The halls bought a new home.

Kevin Prudencio / KASE Real Estate

Christina, 38, and Josh, 41, married in April, just over a year after they began dating.

On April 23, Christina announced on Instagram that they’ve bought a new home in Newport Beach, California near their children’s schools. She sold her previous home for $11.5 million.

“Our new home is our long-term family home,” she captioned her post. “Coming from a restless soul, my soul is ready to rest. At 38 I’m exactly where I want to be and can’t wait to make the next house our home.”

Christina shares Taylor, 11, and Brayden, 6, with Tarek El Moussa and Hudson, 2, with Ant Anstead.

According to their realtor, the Halls bought their $12 million home before it even went on the market.

A house surrounded by trees.

The new home of the halls.

Kevin Prudencio / KASE Real Estate

Christina and Josh bought their sprawling home from Keven Stirdivant of KASE Real Estate, Stirdivant shared on Instagram.

The U-shaped home — which is just under 7,000 square feet, according to TMZ — is surrounded by trees.

Kevin Prudencio photographed the room.

The exterior of the house seems designed for privacy.

A driveway of a modern house.

The entrance.

Kevin Prudencio / KASE Real Estate

The entrance of the house has a gate and fence, thanks to which the halls have privacy.

The front also has no windows looking into the house.

But the interior offers an openness ideal for California living.

A backyard with covered patio and pool.

The backyard.

Kevin Prudencio / KASE Real Estate

The backyard of the house is at the center of its U-shaped design.

The walls facing the courtyard are all made of glass, giving the halls an indoor and outdoor residential atmosphere.

The yard is stunning.

An overhead shot of a pool.

An aerial view of the house.

Kevin Prudencio / KASE Real Estate

The couple’s new outdoor space includes an infinity pool, hot tub, and covered patio.

The halls can also enjoy the backyard at night.

A backyard with a pool lit at night.

The pool at night.

Kevin Prudencio / KASE Real Estate

The light from inside the house falls into the courtyard and the pool also has built-in lights.

The outdoor area appears to be designed for entertaining.

A backyard with infinity pool and glass walls.

The new courtyard of the halls.

Kevin Prudencio / KASE Real Estate

Many of the rooms overlooking the Halls courtyard have retractable glass doors allowing you to move in and out with ease, which is ideal for parties.

The decking area also features a flat screen TV, bringing the comfort of indoors outdoors.

For example, there is a library with walls that completely disappear.

A library with open walls.

The walls recede.

Kevin Prudencio / KASE Real Estate

The room would be cozy even if it were right in the Halls’ home, as it has built-in bookshelves and natural light.

But two of the room’s glass walls recede, creating both an indoor and outdoor space.

The natural light continues in the open kitchen.

An open concept kitchen.

The kitchen.

Kevin Prudencio / KASE Real Estate

The kitchen is huge as it has a huge island and space for two large dining tables.

The entire space is lined with glass walls.

The home has geometric built-ins that help break up the space.

An open plan living room with built in bookshelves.

The living room.

Kevin Prudencio / KASE Real Estate

The other side of the open kitchen serves as a living room.

In the center of the room is a large built-in shelf that offers storage space in an architecturally appealing way.

The interior of the house has a modern aesthetic.

A hallway with marble floors and glass walls.

The interior.

Kevin Prudencio / KASE Real Estate

The space features marble floors, glass and stone walls, and wooden ceilings, creating a modern and welcoming space.

The master bedroom has a fireplace.

A fireplace in a bedroom.

The bedroom.

Kevin Prudencio / KASE Real Estate

The master bedroom is huge as it accommodates a king size bed, a sitting area and a massive fireplace.

The yard is also connected to the two-story garage.

A two story garage with glass walls.

The garage.

Kevin Prudencio / KASE Real Estate

Instead of feeling like a separate storage room, the garage is designed to be part of the home.

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