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Choose Me! The “Blackhole” event leaves Roblox players underwhelmed

Adopt Me!’s “Blackhole” event, which the game’s developers teased in the run-up to a new update, was recently launched with great fanfare. However, longtime Adopt Me! Players expecting a new map were blown away by what they got instead: Day Jobs.

Jobs are common in RPGs, as genre mainstays like The Sims have been sending characters into the workforce for decades. So it’s not surprising that the developers of Adopt Me! wanted to incorporate this mechanic to allow players to earn more in-game money without spending Robux and to diversify the number of activities they can try in-game.

The overall map of Adopt Me! however, hasn’t changed much in a while, and some longtime players were hoping the update would be more substantial. While Adopt Me! With lots of things to do, players can only go camping and take their babies to the hospital so many times before these activities repeat themselves.

The incident left people wondering why the game’s makers teased the black hole event and positioned it as a significant update. The most famous black hole event in gaming happened in Fortnite in 2019. At the time, the servers went down for more than a day before the game returned with an all new map – the first new map in Fortnite history.

The Adopt Me! Update gave players a new location. They can now visit a salon and take their pets there as one of several ways to generate in-game money. Robloxians can also log in as a barber as one of several new jobs in the game. Choose Me! The developers have also updated the game’s pizzeria to allow people to work in the shop, mimicking the popular Roblox experience, Work at a Pizza Place. Robloxians who accept work orders can also perform tasks to earn bonuses such as: B. making certain types of pizzas that they can ship for delivery. Correct completion of tasks can lead to additional bonuses. There is also an option to become the chef of the salon or pizzeria as long as no other player has taken the role.

Choose Me! Players earn a policy of $50 in in-game currency per game day by doing jobs, in addition to bonuses.

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