Driven by a growing demand for more natural and diversified products, the global hair care market is expected to reach US$116.33 billion by 2024, at a CAGR of 3.35% between 2020 and 2025.

Behind this remarkable growth is a new generation of consumers who are redefining their relationship with their hair and are paying close attention to the skin care market. As an evolution in hair care, scalp skin rejuvenation embraces health from the ground up by increasing consumer awareness and education about hair follicles and their condition.

Data from social media monitoring showed that people are increasingly aware of the benefits of skincare when it comes to the scalp, with a focus on hydration, relief or detoxification. There is a widespread perception that the scalp or hair signals the quality of your hair’s health, especially when there are more obvious signs such as breakage, clouding, or flaking. However, interaction with the environment can create several harmful interferences. For this reason, the term “detoxification” has been used to promote the purification and regeneration of the hair fiber and scalp, eliminating or reducing impurities that can silently damage the hair and promoting health and well-being from root to tip .

Contaminants that can affect hair and scalp health include: copper and iron from old metal pipes in the water supply system; Calcium and magnesium salts in high concentrations in the composition of hard water; copper in algaecides used in swimming pools; and particles containing metals and other chemical elements from air pollution.

Many of these sources, such as calcium, magnesium, copper and iron, can adversely affect the performance of cosmetic treatments by reducing the deposition of conditioning agents and catalyzing the formation of free radicals and promoting internal damage to the hair fiber.

These changes can reach molecular or nanostructural levels, implying silent changes in the structures of proteins and lipids. This degrades lipids and proteins and functionally alters DNA, which manifests itself in macrostructural or visual changes such as cuticle elevation, breakage, and loss, rough hair feel, and decreased shine, which can lead to exposure of the cortex region, increasing the likelihood of a splitting is increased. The greater the damage to the protein structure, the lower the mechanical strength of the hair fiber, which can lead to breakage, which is perceived as hair loss with the environment, such as: B. Copper in swimming pools. UV radiation or even particulate matter from pollution can cause even more serious problems, such as: B. the change of white or blond hair to a greenish tint; altered integrity of scalp barrier function; increased likelihood of sensitivity or inflammatory processes; and formation of reactive oxygen species, affecting skin/scalp health through lipid peroxidation and protein carbonylation, resulting in irreversible cellular damage from damaged DNA.

Polluout Detox restores hair health

Recognizing that both hair and scalp can suffer from so-called “invisible” disorders that trigger visible changes, Chemyunion has developed Polluout Detox, a hair-active cosmetic ingredient with detoxifying effects, to treat the hair’s health and well-being from the root restore to the top. With a synergistic combination of polydentate polymer chelating agent, sodium polyitaconate, alpha hydroxy acid derived chelating agent, sodium citrate and Sapindus mukorossi fruit extract biosurfactant, Polluout Detox is designed to remove harmful particles and disorders from the hair and scalp such as: Magnesium, copper and other pollutants while improving shine, manageability and treatment effectiveness, protecting and revitalizing the hair’s DNA from the source.

Polluout Detox has a synergistic action between the ingredients and works in three simultaneous steps to promote cleansing and regeneration of the hair fiber and scalp – eliminating or reducing impurities that cause silent damage and promoting health and well-being from root to tip .

The Sapindus mukorossi fruit extract is part of the composition of Polluout Detox. It contains a

Complex mixture of saponins that act as emulsifiers and reduce the liquid/solid or liquid/liquid interfacial tension, thereby emulsifying the sebum or particles removed from the hair and scalp.

Polluout Detox had a lower number of particles compared to the other groups tested, indicating better effectiveness in removing harmful particles.


Polluout Detox offers the following benefits:

• Chelating action to remove up to 98.11% calcium, 95.83% magnesium and 93.3% copper from the hair;

• In shampoos, reduction of calcium by 38% and copper by 57.7% in the hair;

• Retains hair shine after exposure to hard water and reverses damage by up to 100%;

• Removal of green color from hair exposed to pool water (CuSO4) from day one;

• Improved efficiency of the coloring process of hair exposed to Cu+2, Ca+2 and Mg+2 ions;

• Efficient removal of harmful substances from hair fibers up to 18.2%;

• Up to twice the strength of hair fibers exposed to Cu+2 ions combined with UVA/B radiation;

• Protection of skin DNA from exposure to Cu+2 ions; And

• Soothing effect on the scalp by reducing IL-6 synthesis by up to 17%

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