Check out these heartwarming Korean romance movies on Netflix

Check out these heartwarming Korean romance movies on Netflix

Korean romance films, also known as “K-dramas,” are a popular genre in South Korea that often incorporate themes of romance, family, and friendship. These films have garnered a large international following thanks to the availability of OTT streaming platforms like Netflix. K-Dramas often have a unique blend of humor, drama, and romance that makes them appealing to a wide audience.

One of the most popular film genres for a long time is romance. All genres of romantic entertainment, from romantic comedy to romantic tragedy, have found a loyal audience. The hard-hitting themes and endearing imagery of Korean entertainment have contributed to its growing appeal around the world.

Several Korean romance movies are available on Netflix. Targeting Korean binge-watchers, Netflix has established itself as our go-to destination for some of the best love stories. Here are some of the most touching Korean romance movies available on Netflix.

Tune in for love

The story in Tune in for Love takes place in the 1990s. Mi Soo and Hyun-woo fall in love after exchanging love stories on the radio. Unfortunately, time seems to be working against them in their love story, which is the only problem. The following narrative shows how they try to solve this problem as a team. Kim Go-Eun portrays Mi Soo and Jung Hae-in portrays Hyun Woo. The film’s director is Jung Ji-woo. Watch the unfolding of their journey on Netflix.

Sweet and sour

“Sweet and Sour” follows the life of a young couple struggling to maintain their long-distance love while at the same time coping with problems in their professional lives. The film comes to a melancholic end. Krystal Jung, Jang Ki-Yong and Cha Soo-bin play main characters. Lee Gae-byok directed the film Sweet & Sour.

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20th Century Girls

20th Century Girl’s narrative explores youthful romance, friendship and lost prospects. The main character of the novel is a young girl named Na Bo-ra who is assigned to monitor her best friend’s crush. She quickly finds herself in the same predicament as her closest friends after falling in love with Poong Woon-ho. Drama and uncertainty increase as the story progresses. Poong Woon-ho is portrayed by Byeon Woo-Seok and Na Bo-ra is portrayed by Kim Yoo-Jung. Bang Woo-ri directed this love story.

love and linen

The webtoon remake Love and Leashes discusses the different dynamics that exist in relationships. First, the life of two employees is described and how they come to a contractual relationship. However, the real problem arises when they fall in love with each other. The film examines subjects that people often avoid. Both Seohyun and Jun took on the roles of Ji Hoon and Jung Ji-woo, respectively. One of the best love stories Netflix has shown recently is this one.

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wishing you

The story follows the relationship between a talented singer-songwriter and a keyboard player who bring love and harmony into their lives. The ability to sing a dream together is demonstrated to the audience. The main roles are played by Kang In-soo, Lee Sang and Seo-bin. Do Joon-sung was the director of this film.


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