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Check out Planet Hip-Hop from Spotify on Roblox!

Photo credit: Spotify

Four months after Spotify debuted its virtual Spotify Island on Roblox, Spotify Planet launched hip-hop – a space-themed virtual location.

Spotify‘s Planet Hip-Hop is now live on Roblox. Their goal is to offer a younger generation of hip-hop fans new ways to connect with their favorite music artists through virtual experiences.

In fact, yesterday (09/22) Planet Hip-Hop introduced up-and-coming rapper Doechii!

Spotify’s Planet Hip Hop

Exploring Planet Hip-Hop, Roblox players can collect exclusive virtual goods, customize their vehicles in the “Speed ​​Shop” and dance on a floating dance floor.

Photo credit: Spotify

But they can even create their own hip hop beats in perhaps one of the coolest features powered by Soundtrap.

We wanted to create a space inspired by the newest era of hip-hop and explore how the current generation of artists and fans are redefining the look and sound of the genre.

Steven Conaway, Senior Art Director at Spotify

The futuristic look of Spotify’s new virtual island is inspired by the younger generation of hip-hop artists thanks to its “internet-tech sound”.

Conaway continued by referencing emerging artists such as Doechii, Yeat, and Trippie Redd.

Spotify Island features an illuminated cityscape perched on an inverted silver pyramid surrounded by red planetary rings that resemble a vinyl record!

Photo credit: Spotify

If you feel like it, you can also drive around the rings of the planet in your customized car, explained Deputy Creative Director Edward Yeung.

He went on to say that Spotify will also build obstacle courses on the planet rings!

In addition, players can access exclusive Planet Hip-Hop merch! Items such as clothing emotes and parkour effects can be purchased. Roblox players can collect hearts to buy the merch.

And players will be able to get their hands on a patchwork bubble jacket and moon shoes for their avatar in a few weeks.

They are also introducing more vehicle customization options in the “Speed ​​Shop”. New themed vehicles representing the future music artists entering the virtual world will also be available, such as Doechii’s alligator car.

“Spotify chose the hip-hop genre as the second Spotify Island destination based on listener demand,” reports TechCrunch.

In fact, Spotify boasted in its press release for the island that hip-hop music generates an average of 44 billion monthly streams on Spotify worldwide.

Spotify plans to continue to add to Planet Hip-Hop with collaborations with hip-hop artists that have not yet been announced.

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