Chaos on the Ice: Indiana Hockey loses to Michigan after technical difficulties end the streak

Indiana hockey was scheduled for a second game against Michigan after losing 7-3 on Friday before the tournament was abandoned after the slug fell off the Zamboni and made a noticeable cut in an ice about 30 feet into the Indiana zone caused. Even after the game was delayed for an hour, the issues were unresolved.

Still, Indiana was able to play in front of the biggest crowd of the season so far the night before at Frank Southern Ice Arena in Bloomington as they faced the Wolverines in an intense game.

Five minutes into the first half, Michigan’s oldest forward, Christian Pizzutello, struck from a breakaway to initiate the goal of the game. Less than 30 seconds later, Jack Glenn, a Wolverine second forward, scored after a precise assist from second forward Matthew Mogle. Brock Huber, a graduate forward for Michigan’s club, scored a goal from junior goalie Sammy Bilis to give Michigan a 3-0 lead and close the first goal.

Wolverine’s senior forward Jason Shulman scored a breakaway goal after scoring a skillful hesitation. Slow starts were the team’s kryptonite that season and contributed to the club’s 14–10 season losses.

“I mean, unfortunately, it’s the same things that we continue to make mistakes at,” said Indiana head coach Andrew Weiss. “From a slow start, not good defense in transition and a 200ft play.”

The Hoosiers finally got on the board midway through the second half when second forward Tommy MacDonald scored, assisted by second forward Drew Micheli. The Wolverines reacted quickly and as confusion ensued in front of the net, senior defender Nic Azarovitz brought the Wolverines back by four.

Michigan continued their dominance, scoring in the second minute with just a minute left when second defender Ethan VanderRoest netted a slapshot that went past freshman goalie Jack Thomson, who came on for Bilis.

The third period flashed something positive for the Hoosiers. Second linebacker Will Kiecker scored for the Hoosiers, giving the team a spark.

Freshman defenseman Henry Whittlef hit with a one-timer shortly after, and suddenly the Hoosiers were within three goals with just over 13 minutes left. The flame was quickly quenched, and Pizzutello scored his second goal of the game for Michigan, widening the gap to a comfortable 7-3 lead.

The Hoosiers had one last try when newcomer winger Luke Slaven parried one to end the score 7-4.

“I mean, it’s obviously very frustrating,” Weiss said. “I think it’s another learning opportunity for a very young hockey team.”

Indiana will face Dayton next weekend, play its final home game on January 28 at Frank Southern and end the two-game streak on January 29.

Follow reporter Owen McDonough (@OwenJMcDonough) for updates throughout the Indiana Club’s hockey season.


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