Changes in the racing fleet at GBYC

Pure Magic (skipped by Kevin Black) recently took her first win in club racing and looks set to challenge royal flush for the rest of the year. Photo: Elizabeth Retief

The 2023 season of Gordon’s Bay Yacht Club (GBYC) is already turning out to be one of the surprises.

Royal flush, skippered by Dennis Cochrane, has dominated racing to date. Cochrane has assembled a young crew of experienced employees city ​​23 and dinghy races and has won all but one of the races he has competed in to date.

Royal flush is a 24-foot quarter-ton truck owned by Angelo Lavranos, who won the 1983 Lipton Challenge Cup and the 1985 Quarter-ton World Cup in Corsica. She was restored and converted by Marius Swart and promptly won the 2019 GBYC Club Championship. Cochrane took delivery of this famous racer late last year.

However, during Royal flush may be the favourite, a challenger has emerged. The quarter-ton “Magic Bus”. pure magicskippered by Kevin Black, recently took his first win of the year, batting Royal flush over the line and on handicap. And thanks to a recent correction of a bug in her handicap, pure magic suddenly looks like a very real prospect of the overall honors in 2023.

While Go Dutch, Nico van Wieringen’s L26, has dominated GBYC for the last two years and has yet to record a win this season. She was also recently brought out for maintenance and it’s unclear when she will return to competition. However, Van Wieringen has another card up his sleeve. He plans to use the modified L26 Blue Tango IIa well-known Cape racer previously sponsored by DHL.

Van Wieringen bought the neglected Blue tango II in 2022 and has since restored her to racing condition. With the addition of a bowsprit and an asymmetric spinnaker, as well as a very aggressive mast rake, all eyes are on whether Blue Tango II can tear away a win Royal flush And pure magic.

In addition, another new racing boat is waiting in the starting blocks, iCandy, a Dudley Dix designed Mini Transat 6.50 owned by Ben Buys. This particular entry will give judges a headache as it doesn’t have a traditional factorial handicap rating. The Mini Transat class is designed for single-handed ocean racing and these boats are known for their incredible downwind performance. iCandy is by far the fastest boat currently moored at GBYC.

The fleet is also happy about the custom-made products Ki back in the water after restoration by new owner Abrie Erasmus. The hot rumor in the marina is this Ki will feature former Commodore Paul Tanner and will therefore likely be at the sharp end of the pack.

There are also regulars in the race. time outthe L20 skippered by Philippe Pringiers, who won the Gaul regatta last year and finished second in the club championship, will be looking to once again beat well above her weight. time out has excellent upwind performance and an experienced crew.

With so many racing boats, the cruising class has become a separate battle. Two holiday 23ers, Civis Mundi (Dirk and Mariette Nolte) and zia (Barry Ross) have fought for the highest honors so far. However, there is stiff competition that bites on their heels.

Tony Reynolds in his Flamenca 25 ShiftaShe has put in some very strong performances. With a strong launch and a spinnaker, Shifta could possibly upset the cruise class. Likewise the Endurance 37 For freewho has struggled in the light air is looking forward to stronger winter winds. Libre, Shifta, and the two Holiday 23’s are only 2% covered in handicap time correction.

  • GBYC will host its flagship event, the Gaul Regatta, from July 30th to August 2nd. The club recently launched a special WhatsApp group for new sailors wishing to act as crew. To be added to this WhatsApp group or for more information about sailing at GBYC, contact manager Eleonore Bondesio at [email protected].

Dennis Cochrane’s Royal Flush has been dominant up until now, but now faces stiff competition from other racers like Pure Magic and Blue Tango II. Photo: Mariette Nolte


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