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Cast, filming and everything we know so far

From all of this war of stars shows coming to Disney+ in 2022, the biggest surprise was none other than Andor. This series follows Cassian Andor (Diego Luna) before the events of Rogue One: A Star Wars Story how he goes from someone just wanting to stay out of trouble to a full member of the Rebel Alliance. Many critics have praised Andor for being the most mature and thematically richest war of stars show to this day. Luckily, Disney has renewed Andor for a second and final season before the release of the first season. So we’ve created a handy, easy-to-follow guide that tells you everything we know so far Andor Season 2.

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When and where will Andor be released?

It goes without saying that the second season of Andor but will premiere on Disney+ how The premiere is still in the stars. The first three episodes of Season 1 were released on the same day before dropping a new episode each week, allowing Season 2 to follow the same publishing strategy. Of course, Disney+ could just release a new episode of Andor per week, but we’ll just have to wait and see. As for the season 2 premiere, Disney hasn’t given a release date yet, but the show will likely return in 2024 for reasons we’ll get to later. We will update this page as more information about the release date is released.

Is there a trailer for season 2 of Andor?

Disney hasn’t released a trailer yet Andor Season 2, but we’ll update this page once a trailer is released.

How many episodes does Andor Season 2 contain?

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Just like in the first season Andor Season 2 will consist of twelve episodes. The first season had episode lengths that varied between 38 and 57 minutes and season 2 is likely to follow.

Who is doing Andor Season 2?

Tony Gilroy serves as writer, showrunner and executive producer in this new season of Andor. Gilroy is best known for his writing Michael Claytonthe first four Bourne films and Villain One. Dan Gilroy and Beau Willimon also return to write season 2 along with the addition of Tom Bisell (The Mosquito Coast). The full list of executive producers has not yet been confirmed. Nonetheless including all other executive producers from the first season Kathleen Kennedy, Michelle RewanDiego Luna and Sanne Wohlenberg will most likely return for season two.

As for the directors, Season 2 will feature an all new cast consisting of Ariel Kleiman (Yellow jackets), Jan Metz (True detective), and Alonso Ruizpalacios (Outer Reach). Kleiman will direct the first three and last three episodes of the season, while Metz and Ruizpalacios will each direct three episodes of their own.

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Who is in the cast of Andor Season 2?

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Alongside Diego Luna as Cassian Andor, Stellan Skarsgard will also return as rebel leader Luthen Rael in season 2 of Andor. No other actors from season 1 have yet to be confirmed for season 2, but those likely to return are among them Kyle Soller as officer Syril Karn, Adria Arjona as Cassian’s girlfriend Bix Caleen, Genevieve O’Reilly as Imperial Senator and secret rebel leader Mon Mothma, Denise Gough as Supervisor of the Imperial Security Bureau (ISB), Deedra Meero, Faye Marsay as rebel agent Vel Sartha, Varada Sethu as Vel’s girlfriend Cinta Kaz, Elizabeth Dulau as Luthen’s assistant Kleya Marki, Duncan Pow as Cassian’s other friend Ruescott Melshi, Forest Whitaker as militant insurgent Saw Gerrera and Ben Chapman as the voice of Cassian’s rescue droid B2EMO.

An actor from Villain One who didn’t appear the first season of Andor but could still appear in the second Alan Tudyk as the reprogrammed Imperial droid K-2S0. Tudyk confirmed in 2021 that he would not appear in Season 1, but Tony Gilroy told him his character would appear “later” in the series.

When and where will Andor season 2 be filmed?

Andor Season 2 began filming in London on November 21, 2022 and is expected to film sometime in August 2023. Season 1 is one of the few live-action shots war of stars Show was filmed in mostly real locations and hands-on sets as opposed to filming on the volume soundstage, so season 2 will most likely do the same. Click here to learn more about Season 2’s long production schedule.

What is Andor season 2 about?

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While there is currently no official synopsis for Andor Season 2 will most likely follow Cassian as he continues to become a key member of the Rebel Alliance as the individual cells that make up that Alliance work more together. Even though the first season of Andor is set in 5 BBY (five years before the Battle of Yavin) and over the course of a year Tony Gilroy explained that Season 2 consists of three episodes known as “blocks” and that each block lasts over a year (four years total ), with the last leading into the events of Villain One. Here’s what writer Beau Willimon had to say about this structure:

‚ÄúSeason 2 spans four years in the same amount of time we covered one. So there is an acceleration. So you have all this knowledge about the characters and the world and dynamics. And Tony always had a long-term picture of how we’re coming into year five in terms of Cassian Andor’s story, but now you’re dealing with this new new challenge beautifully, this acceleration of the story and evolution over time, eh I find really exciting. That’s about as much as we could possibly say about Season 2.”

Gilroy also confirmed that Yavin 4 will be one of the locations in Season 2. He didn’t say how the planet will play into this new season, but many did war of stars Fans will know Yavin as the home base of the Rebel Alliance Episode IV: A New Hope. Yavin 4 also appeared in Villain One. Since Cassian was seen on Yavin in the latter, that might be a spot in it Andor Season 2 in which he will take on missions as the rebellion becomes more unified.

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