Cardano Founder Blames EU Politicians For Comparing Crypto To Drugs Due To Banking Crisis

Yuri Molkhan

Charles Hoskinson has commented on the Belgian politician’s recent call for a ban on crypto in the context of the current banking crisis

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The founder of the Cardano blockchain, billionaire mathematician Charles Hoskinson has shared his take on central banks and politicians beginning to blame crypto for the collapse of major US banks.

He urged the crypto community not to fall for it and keep a list of these anti-crypto politicians – so they know that only crypto-friendly candidates should be elected when it comes time to vote in an election. Hoskinson recommended each user to “be a Single Issue Crypto Voter.” “Central banks and politicians caused this banking crisis and now they blame crypto. Don’t fall for it and keep a list to remember at the ballot box when election time comes. Be a single-issue crypto voter.”

Hoskinson commented on a CoinDesk article about Johan Van Overtveldt of the right-wing political party ECR in the EU Parliament, in which he compared cryptocurrencies to drugs. This person is also the former Finance Minister of Belgium.

He made this comparison of drugs and crypto in light of the US banking crisis that started recently. He suggested that a strict ban on crypto should be imposed. Three major banks in the US have gone bankrupt – Silvergate Bank, Silicon Valley Bank and Signature Bank. All of them had also collaborated with crypto companies.


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