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Can you play Apex Legends alone?

As the developers have said many times, Apex Legends is inherently a team-based game. All modes, from battle royale to arenas to most limited time modes, are all about working as a team to achieve victory. In this way, it differs from many other battle royales that encourage players to win for themselves. But that’s what counts apex Special.

Despite this, some players may not have their own teams to help them on their way to victory. Others may be fed up with random teammates or just want to see what they can accomplish on their own. There are countless reasons why someone would want to play solo, even if apex and its developers don’t necessarily encourage it.

so can you play Apex Legends Solo? That depends on what your definition of “solo” is.

solo mode

Back in Season 2 during the Iron Crown event, players were able to participate in a limited time mode called Solos. It was exactly what it sounded like: instead of joining a squad, players dived into standard battle royale alone to try and claim the crown solo. The mode has not reappeared in any form since, nor have many other solo-focused modes.

In a Q&A email to Respawn in June 2022, design director Evan Nikolich revealed that he doesn’t think a “solo-only mode” has any future apex at this time.” He went on to explain that Respawn is much more focused on perfecting the game’s many team-based modes and introducing more fun ways to play with others than bringing back the old mode. “We’re constantly working to make it the best it can be team-based experience,” he shared.

stand alone

The future for a dedicated Solo mode looks bleak Apex, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. In the meantime, if you want to jump into an unranked match, try disabling the Replenish Teammates button when playing unranked. It won’t always leave you alone, but you’ll have a higher chance of falling without teammates. This puts you at a serious disadvantage compared to other squads of two or three members, but technically it’s a way of playing the game “solo”. Note that you cannot disable Fill Teammates in Ranked Battle Royale mode and in all Arena modes.

Even if you’re paired with teammates in battle royale, you can always dismount and go solo at any time. However, perhaps you should think twice before doing so: thanks to the many structures in apex who support teams, unless you’re the best of the best in the game, you’re likely to have trouble. In most cases, it’s better to stay with your teammates and support them, even if you don’t always agree with what they’re doing. Finally, jumping into another game is generally pretty quick and easy, and you can always look around for new teammates if your fellow players aren’t working.

If you decide to tackle the game without friends or a pre-made squad, particularly if you’re looking to climb through the ranks in ranked mode, we have a guide that specifically addresses climbing during solo queue. If you’re just playing for fun and giggling, playing for yourself doesn’t change the core principles of apex: work in a team, aim well and have fun.

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