Mercedes hopes the return to a black livery will be a sign of a successful resurgence for the W14 Formula 1 car. The German manufacturer made numerous changes after the difficult 2022 car, but didn’t completely tear up the existing concept to get back in the title fight

The “Back in Black” jokes are already done to death. After a season with its traditional silver livery, Mercedes has returned to the livery that has served it so well in 2020 and 2021. Not that there’s much color to name; Up until now, switching to a black car has primarily been an exercise in weight saving.

Objectively speaking, 2022 wasn’t all that miserable as Mercedes still clinched one race win, several podiums and third place in the championship. Not that the team sees it that way, as anything but a clinical demonstration of dominance in both championships doesn’t sit well with the Mercedes camp. The W13 was something of a problem child and while it managed to fly to the end of the season it was still a throwback to earth after years of championship glory.

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