Pokemon GO players can expect to see Ponyta for much of May 2023 thanks to some upcoming events. As well as getting a Spotlight Hour on May 9th, the Generation I Fire-type will be featured in a special costume for the May 11-17 Brave Hero event. This should give trainers plenty of opportunities to catch the Fire Horse Pokémon.

Catching this creature is all well and good, but what about its shiny variant? Any chance trainers can capture a Shiny Ponyta during the upcoming events?

Luckily, the answer is yes, as Shiny Ponyta made its Pokemon GO debut in November 2018 and has been available in the game ever since.

How to catch Shiny Ponyta in May 2023 in Pokemon GO

With two upcoming events throughout May, Pokemon GO players should have plenty of opportunities to encounter a Shiny Ponyta both in the wild and elsewhere.

A glossy appearance is not guaranteed in most cases. However, the increased number of Ponyta encounters can potentially spawn a few shinies. It might not be a sure thing, but finding Shiny Ponyta during these events should be a lot easier than finding it during normal gameplay.

During Ponyta’s Spotlight Hour, Pokemon GO players should be able to find the Fire Horse Pokémon appearing in the wild in large numbers. However, this event will only take place on May 9, 2023 from 6:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. local time.

This might not be a huge time frame, but if players have the time to participate in this event, it should certainly give them a good opportunity to find Shiny Ponyta. This is especially true when players have some spare incense or bait modules that should increase spawns even more.

According to information from outlets like Serebii and LeekDuck, Pokemon GO’s A Valorous Hero event should also provide an opportunity to catch a Shiny Ponyta, albeit not in the wild. These reputable sources have confirmed that Ponyta will be a reward for completing field research tasks throughout the scope of the event.

It has been confirmed that Shiny Ponyta can also appear, although the specific Field Research task that rewards this Pokémon has yet to be confirmed.

Nonetheless, the details should emerge in a few days as the event date approaches. Niantic can confirm this itself when it makes an official announcement for A Valorous Hero.

In addition to these options, Pokemon GO players should still be able to catch a Shiny Ponyta in the wild during regular play outside of events. However, this will likely be much more difficult as its spawns are not prioritized and it has to compete with various other pocket monsters for spawn opportunities.

Regardless, if all else fails and Trainers fail to find a Shiny during May’s events, they may need to head into the wild and take their chances.

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