A new modern makeover of The Wizard of Oz can be found in the latest Spanish film from Netflix rainbow which premiered on September 30, 2022. Featuring Dora Postigo as Oz-ian’s interpretation of Dorothy’s novel, Dora, alongside Carmen Machi and Carmen Maura as the two witches and more. The film was directed by Paco Leon, who sprinkled its overarching road trip plot with various musical moments.

While it’s not one of the best adaptations of The Wizard of Oz, it definitely contains some metaphorical representations that can be confusing. For this reason we decided to list all end events of rainbow.

The official synopsis of the film on Netflix reads:

In search of her mother, a free-spirited teenager and her eccentric companions embark on a whimsical journey while avoiding the clutches of a wicked woman.

-Explained rainbow ending contains spoilers-

The story begins with a simple goal in the protagonist’s mind – she must find her mother. And so she embarks on an adventurous coming-of-age road trip, which ultimately shapes her personality through the numerous challenges and encounters along the way. To make it even worse for them, we also have two witches with us, one of whom is after Dora’s blood.

Are things going the way Dora planned? What are these challenges that she must overcome in order to find peace of mind in the end? Read on to find out what she’s looking for at the end of the Yellow Brick Road (which is more metaphorical than literal in this film).


Rainbow ending explained

After the long search for her mother and the suspicion of having murdered the second richest man in the country, Dora’s life takes another trying turn. She finds out that her whole life has been a lie and that she was adopted by her current father. Once released from police custody as all the charges against her have been shown to be irrelevant after watching the night’s CCTV recording, she also decides to walk away from her father.

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Two-thirds of Mr. Arturo Weizeg Molina’s legacy will be passed on to his only daughter Dora, as it turns out towards the end, all thanks to Maribel’s decision to have a DNA test. And half of that was allotted to Coco Cabrera, just until Dora turns 18. The last third also belongs to Miss Cabrera in her will. The two are declared the “sole shareholders of the W-Business conglomerate”.

Maribel had broken up with Coco earlier, but comes back to collect her last remaining belongings at the mansion. Coco sees this as an opportunity to lure her back to her side. She’s playing the victim card once again after gasping her for so long, claiming that at this age she can’t continue without her support. This is far from a pretentious ruse for her to use against Dora later.


The two plan a party to start a new era in their business and welcome Dora to the family. On the day of the event, Coco toasts Arturo’s wealth and infuses Dora’s drink with poison. However, Dora is still on the brink of the new changes in her life and cannot accept this brand new glamorous way of life. She scornfully declines the drink and throws the glass away.

As she walks to a piano on the lawn, she begins to play an upbeat song that draws the crowd to dance along. It looks like she does have powers. At some point things start to float. Within moments of this sequence, Coco begins to feel queasy and stumbles into the pool. Apparently Maribel had also poured poison into her drink.

Also, the lion that Dora was hallucinating about comes to life and drives everyone away from the party, leaving only Maribel sitting by the pool and Coco’s body floating in the water. Sitting undisturbed by the lion’s presence, she seems to be the one who summoned the lion in the first place. She never cared about the money or all those parties anyway.


On the advice of her friend, she decides to return to her original life with her adoptive father. On the way back, she passes a diner where she orders a cup of latte and can’t help but stare intently at the waitress. As soon as her coffee is served, the lady’s name turns out to be the same as her mother’s – Pilar.

Although she doesn’t follow her and doesn’t say anything, the moment she walks out, she puts a smile on her face and a rainbow shines on her. In doing so, she proves that she has found what she was looking for at the end of the Yellow Brick Road – a rainbow after a devastating hurricane, ie a sense of belonging to her family and to this world.

You can watch rainbow on Netflix. Let us know your thoughts on the film in the comments.

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