California’s COVID authoritarianism is just beginning

The COVID autotarism goes well beyond the lockdowns that have ruined the lives of millions. And the Democrats are proving it in California.

California passed a law penalizing doctors for spreading “misinformation or disinformation” about COVID-19. “Misinformation” is defined as “misinformation that the current scientific consensus contradicts with the standard of care”. The “contemporary scholarly consensus” is, of course, to be determined by the Democrats at a later date. The assistant attorney general told a judge it could not be defined at this time.


As Chief Justice William Shubb said during a hearing on the law, the definition of misinformation is “nonsense.” As for the “contemporary scientific consensus,” the pandemic has proven that the “contemporary scientific consensus” has often been wrong. The consensus on the effectiveness of masks, school closures, mask requirements and vaccines to prevent transmission of the virus, among other things, has been wrong at one point or another during the pandemic.

In other words, the state of California wants to introduce a vague penal standard for doctors who “don’t trust the science,” even though the science is ever-changing. Never mind that the scientific consensus is challenged on how breakthroughs are made and how people become better informed. Galileo questioned the scientific consensus – are they aiming to emulate his pursuers?

If this law stays in place, it will not stop at COVID either. The state will crack down on doctors and psychiatrists who defy the “contemporary scientific consensus” that children suffering from gender dysphoria should be irreversibly surgically mutilated and pushed into hormone replacement therapy.

If the state finds a profession it can punish for challenging the “contemporary scientific consensus” on climate change, it will likely extend its censorship to its industry as well. California experiences regular blackouts due to its rejection of nuclear power, which is quite embarrassing for the idiots who run the state. It is much more convenient to silence dissenting voices in favor of nuclear power – this law would set a precedent and a basis for doing just that.


The state’s COVID disinformation law is an assault on free speech that in itself is a disgrace. Everyone who supported them should be thrown out of public office. But if the law stands, it would open the floodgates for California Democrats to institute even more censorship on anyone who opposes their political interpretation of science.

COVID emboldened politicians and bureaucrats to push for ever more authoritarianism. It didn’t end with schools and businesses reopening.


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