California one of the worst states for “Girl’s Night Out”: report

SAN FRANCISCO (CRON) — Dancing the night away in the Golden State might not be worth the effort, at least according to a new study that ranks California the third-worst state for girls’ nights out.

The study by fashion website Nasty Gal gave the following a score between 1 and 100:

  • Average cocktail cost
  • Average cost of a bottle of wine
  • Average cost of a high street dress
  • Average cost of a 5 mile cab ride
  • bars per 1,000 inhabitants
  • Average cost of a McDonald’s Big Mac meal

“California is also in the bottom three because while it’s one of the most glamorous states, it’s also one of the most expensive and has a low percentage of bars and clubs relative to its population,” said Nasty Gal.

And so, despite the lights of Hollywood, the warm rays of sunshine on expansive relaxing beaches, and the breathtaking skyscrapers of San Francisco, California received a score of 54.3/100, the third worst, ahead of only Arkansas (52.4) and Texas (48.5) .

“There’s nothing quite as exciting as getting ready for a night out, but if you want to have the time of your life without spending a fortune, knowing where to go is so important,” said an unnamed spokesman for Nasty Gal. “When you’re in your best dress, it can often be disappointing when the night doesn’t live up to your expectations and you’re left with an empty wallet. With that in mind, we hope this study can help those looking for a safe, inexpensive, and exciting night out with their favorite girl or boy.”

Rounding out the bottom five are Mississippi (54.5) and Missouri (54.6).

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So where should Californians go if they want cheap drinks, low attendance, and cheap pick-me-ups?

  1. Wisconsin (78.2)
  2. Wyoming (75.7)
  3. Vermont (75.5)
  4. North Dakota (72.9)
  5. Iowa (72.0)

“In all, there are 1,107 bars and clubs in Wisconsin, 18% of which have a five-star rating, which is the highest overall rating for this factor. Not only that, but the average cost of a cocktail ($7.30) is significantly lower than many other states. Compared to California, where you spend about $15 a drink, you pay half the price in Wisconsin,” said Nasty Gal. “Also making the top five is Iowa, which is also a firm favorite for a night out thanks to Iowa and Iowa State Universities each enrolling over 30,000 students.”

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