Calgary Heritage Home with a Matched Price Tag Gets Two Quick Offers

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1728 6 Avenue NW, Calgary, Alta.

asking price: $809,900 (February 2023)

Previous offer price: $849,000 (August 2022) *under previous agent

Selling price: $820,000 (February 2023)

Steer: $3,653 (2022)

Days at the market: Two

Listing agent: Joel Gwillim, CIR Realty

The action

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The house has a modernized kitchen.UrbanMeasure + Photography

This 110 year old House northwest of downtown Calgary was on the market for almost five months last year. Relisted under a different agent in February this year, it had two offers within two days.

“Like the rest of the country, this past January through March, there was this big spike in activity, sales, and multiple offerings, and we had the same activity here in January, February, and March of this year,” Agent Joel Gwillim said.

“The fact was that there wasn’t much competition in this price range or in this style of living.”

A new asking price of $39,100 below the previous retail tag helped attract dozens of potential buyers, as did its traditional charm. The winning bid came in at $10,100 too much.

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“A lot of houses in this area are worth a lot and people live side by side [properties] with new advanced features,” said Mr. Gwillim. “This was a very unique situation where the house was well cared for and had a beautiful history behind it that someone would not think it was worth tearing down but worth saving and restoring.”

“Once we sold this quickly with no strings attached, a house came up for sale two doors down that was very similar in style.”

What they have

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The home features wood paneling, wainscoting and fireplaces in the den and living room.UrbanMeasure + Photography

These three bedrooms House, named John A. Tweedle Residence after the English settler who once lived there, retains rich woodwork, paneling and fireplaces in the den and living room.

Updates range from heated floors in one of the four bathrooms to pot lights in the finished basement.

There is a formal dining room and a modern eat-in kitchen with access to a two-story terrace and a triple garage.

The agent’s attitude

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“Key things like the kitchens and bathrooms have been refurbished, but there were many things that were original,” said Mr Gwillim.

“It’s an overabundance; it is 34 from 135 feet, and typical lots for a single home are about 25 feet by 120 feet.”


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