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Bronx Actors in TADA! Youth Theater Performances – Bronx Times

This original musical isn’t your typical fairy tale, and Phooey isn’t your typical princess. She doesn’t want to curtsey, smile, or be saved by a prince (though he tries) because she can save herself if she needs to, and she’d rather run around with the maids and stable hands. Her older sister Elessia, along with the Fairies, try to make Phooey what she thinks is the right princess, while Morbidia has other plans for all of them.

Princess Phooey is written and written by Lisa Diana Shapiro, with music by Eric Rockwell.

Joining the Bronx cast in Princess Phooey, performed by members of the Resident Youth Ensemble of TADA! Performed include Ysobel Leonard, 15, as Elessia; Melina Aponte, 10, as Delta; Alex Rolla, 10, as Secundus and Sarabeth Caimares, 9, as Princess Phooey.

Caimares from Throggs Neck participated in TADA! for the past year. “I feel very fortunate to be in the Princess Phooey cast and I’m super excited to be on stage,” she said. “I can identify with my character, Princess Phooey, because we’re both brave and independent girls. I’m so happy to be a part of TADA! because now I have a place to sing, dance and act, and that’s what I love!”

Nine year old Sarabeth Caimares from Throggs Neck plays the role of Princess Phooey as part of TADA’s Resident Youth Ensemble! .Photo courtesy of TADA! youth theatre

Please visit for more information and to purchase tickets. TADA! is committed to making its productions accessible to all and is offering a limited number of Pay What You Can tickets for each performance starting at $1, in addition to group sales for nonprofits at $10.

The performances are hour-long, affordable, entertaining musicals perfect for a family audience aged 3 and up. They are performed by talented young people who are members of RYET (Resident Youth Ensemble of TADA!). The young actors represent New York City in all its diversity. They come from different neighborhoods and counties, have different economic, racial, ethnic and cultural backgrounds, have different skills and are members of the LGBTQIA+ community.

TADA! is a unique, Drama Desk award-winning, non-profit youth theater producing original musicals for children, youth and families. TADA! offers a free year-round pre-professional training and positive youth development program for members of RYET aged 8-18; musical theater courses/camps for the public; and musical theater residencies at New York schools and community centers.

Thanks to the high-quality work of TADA! Boosts young people’s confidence and creativity, developing advanced skills in leadership, communication, responsibility, collaboration and problem-solving – skills that aid in growing up and are essential to their success in school and in life.

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