If we can all agree on one thing, it’s that Pink Floyd rocks. They are one of the best bands in music history. Now you can see what British rockers were like in their heyday.

We’re not talking about a hologram show here.

This is Brit Floyd! – the biggest Pink Floyd tribute show ever – and it’s coming here. That’s why we’re talking about it, so I’m guessing this story is a tribute to the homage?

Hey you! If I played this…

Brit Floyd (singing): “We don’t need education.”

I mean, it’s obviously the one and only Pink Floyd – right?

Brit Floyd (singing): “How I wish, how I wish you were here.”

Wait. No?

Damian Darlington: “There are still so many fans of this music out there and they want to see it live.”

Well, Brit Floyd is the very best!

Alex Miranda: “Technically you’re not Pink Floyd, but in this moment you kind of are.”

Damian Darlington: “It’s a responsibility and it’s strange, it’s strange when you think about it. It’s not our music, you know? But we hope we take good care of it.”

The biggest Pink Floyd tribute show in the world.

Damian Darlington: “We strive to bring every little detail, every last nuance, as close as possible to the original.”

It’s been nearly two decades since Pink Floyd last performed together, so someone had to fill that uncomfortably numb void.

Damian Darlington: “Not just to learn the notes, but to learn how to play those notes properly, make it feel.”

So take a trip to the dark side of the moon or to her show in Miami Beach next Tuesday at the Jackie Gleason Theater.

Damian Darlington: “If I remember correctly, the Fillmore can accommodate our rather large hog, so hopefully you’ll see it there.”

The only thing you need for tickets is…

Roger Waters (singing): “Money!”

And that $50 starting price doesn’t just get you the iconic music.

Alex Miranda: “I want to hear ‘Time’. I want to hear ‘Breathe’. I want to hear ‘money’. Can I get everything I want from this concert?”

Damian Darlington: “The ones you just listed, those and many, many more are sure to come your way. You get a really good selection of Pink Floyd music from all years on our show.”

Her signature laser lights will take you straight back to the psychedelic 70’s.

Damian Darlington: “We have a big, big light show. We have the iconic circular screen that Pink Floyd was famous for.”

Perfect for the full 24 minutes of “Echoes”, note for note.

Damian Darlington: “It’s really kind of a key piece in the history of Pink Floyd.”

But one last question.

Alex Miranda: “What’s your second favorite rock band?”

Damian Darlington: “I would probably say Rush.”

To buy tickets for Brit Floyd, click here.

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