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The Bowie baseball team started in the district this week, playing possibly two of the best teams in Jacksboro and Iowa Park.
The Jackrabbits defeated the Tigers 1-0 on Monday but fell 6-1 to the Hawks on Thursday.
Bowie came into the week after a good 4-1 run at his hosted Walker Stallcup tournament. Jacksboro has been one of the tougher teams in the district for the Jackrabbits for the past two seasons, bringing back a good core of the team that defeated them twice in close competitions last year.
Bowie started the game with Brody Armstrong coming on base with a single and advancing to third base but unable to bring him home.
Starting on the mound for the Jackrabbits, freshman Edmond DeLeon was under fire for the first three innings. In each, Jacksboro had two base runners on base while there was a runner on third base in the first and second innings.
Somehow, DeLeon and the defense got out of those situations and didn’t give up runs until Bowie broke the scoreless tie in the fourth inning.
Tucker Jones started with a single. He advanced to second with a pass and Carson Sanders put down a brood sacrifice to put him in third with an out. Another passing ball then allowed him to score to make it 1-0 for the Jackrabbits.
It seemed like the momentum had turned in Bowie’s favor. Kynan DeMoss and Troy Kesey pulled walks to put a runner in goal position and put pressure on Jacksboro after being unlucky in the last two innings. Even without the Jackrabbits adding more runs, it showed Bowie was threatening.
Aside from an outfield error that put a runner on base for Jacksboro, the Jackrabbits closed off the Tigers’ offense en route to the fifth inning.
With two outs, Armstrong hit a double and later advanced to third base on a wild pitch. Jones drew a move to place runners at the corners and again threatened to extend Bowie’s lead. Unfortunately, the next batsman flew to left field to end the scoring chance.
Jacksboro came back and threatened to score again, bringing two baserunners outfield with two outs and a good hit to potentially tie the game. Again, DeLeon and the defense came through and prompted a flyout to right field to keep Bowie ahead and head into the sixth inning.
The Jackrabbits have two runners on base when Seth Hall made a field error and AJ Whatley went for a walk. Unfortunately, that would be it for Bowie if the next batter came up for the three.
A leadoff walk for the Tigers almost was the tie run. The runner later stole second base and then advanced to third base with a sacrificial bunt.
DeLeon then knocked out the next batter and Jones then tagged the runner during the next at bat as he attempted to sneak home for three.
Bowie had no luck getting anything going offensively in the seventh inning, meaning it had to guard its one-run lead.
Carson Sanders came in to pitch the last inning to make the save. He knocked out the first batter before hitting the next and allowed a single to put two runners on base. Sanders then knocked out the next but then went to the fifth hitter to load the bases with two outs. Sanders then brought a flyball into right field for the finals to secure Bowie’s 1–0 win.
It was a good win for the team in a district that appears to be at its toughest ever as another expected playoff team falls behind with 4A’s Iowa Park.
Bowie faced the Hawks at home three days later on Thursday.

To read about the next game, pick up a copy of the weekend Bowie News.


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