Boris Becker reveals how he saved his life in prison and eventually got a convicted murderer to kiss his hand

fformer tennis champion Boris Becker has recounted his time in prison and shared some fascinating details about an altercation he had with a murderer.

The German spent eight months in prison in London before being deported to Germany. He ended up getting a murderer to kiss his hand.

Becker was found guilty of three four counts related to his bankruptcy and sentenced to 30 months in prison. He spent eight months in prison in London before being transferred to Germany in the fast track procedure for foreign criminals.

He has spoken to The Telegraph about some of the more dangerous spells he has endured during his time in prison, such as his confrontation with a convicted murderer.

“He tried to come after me, he told me everything he would do to me.” Becker called. The German then said he called for help and was rescued when a group of about 10 prisoners came to his rescue.

The killer allegedly misunderstood BeckerPopularity in prison and he later apologized and kissed Becker‘s hand while begging for forgiveness.

To talk more generally about what it was like to be sentenced to prison, Becker said it was “humiliating”.

“What it is is your reality. You don’t have time to wonder if it’s ‘humiliating’ or not. It’s literally about life.” Becker called. “One of the things you need to learn internally and quickly is the word acceptance.

“You have to accept your judgement, accept your time, accept where you are. The only thing you can be master of is your mind. I made it. I think my tennis life helped. I was probably a stoic when I played without knowing it.”


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