Bootleg Merch combines Pokemon and The Avengers

If a franchise is popular enough, it’s bound to have mountains of counterfeit merchandise. These counterfeit toys and collectibles often draw ridicule on the internet because of their poor quality, manufacturing defects, and unusual quirks.

A Reddit user in Italy recently shared two images showing some very suspiciously Pokemon toys. And while one photo shows a relatively typical example of unlicensed merchandise, the other shows a bizarre crossover between them Pokemon and The Avengers.


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The weird bootleg in question features an off-brand version of Ash Ketchum and four oversized Pikachu in Avengers’ attire. This includes versions of the electric mouse dressed up as Captain America, Iron Man, Spider-Man and The Hulk. And while these cosplay Pikachu are actually pretty cute, it seems unlikely that Marvel and the Pokemon Company signed this particular piece Pokemon fan shop. Click here to view the full Reddit thread.

There are other things wrong with these pirated software Pokemon Goods, and more jump out the longer you look at the picture. For example, the Ash toy is smaller than the Pikachu, which makes it appear like it was thrown in after the fact. He’s also a very sloppy action figure with poor paintwork and an oddly blank expression. The Pikachu’s ears are also oddly shaped, with one commenter comparing the Hulk Pikachu’s ears to tequila worms.

The packaging is also unique. It features two different versions of Ash, neither of which resemble the toy, and a seemingly random collection of Pokémon. The various graphics don’t even have a consistent design, including a mix of plastic figures and at least three different 2D art styles. That avenger Crossover is the strangest part of this unlicensed one Pokemon Toys, but the poor quality of the toy and the clumsy packaging add to the overall clumsiness of the product.

Compared to the unlicensed avenger Crossover, the second picture seems much more orthodox Pokemon bootleg It features fourteen molded plastic Pokémon, including a large Pikachu that appears to be sticking its tongue out like a dog. Other oddities include a pink Psyduck, Green Mew, and a second odd-shaped Pikachu. About half of the small plastic Pokémon aren’t even packaged properly and seem to be lying loose in the plastic packaging. The artwork of the box is also impressive. It features a seemingly random mix of characters and Pokémon, including the same two versions of Ash and at least seven Pikachu.

Granted, blowing up the specifics of these unlicensed toys might seem like missing the wood for the trees. However, given that Pokemon Bootlegs seem to be everywhere, it pays to know what to look for when looking for discounted merch.

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Source: Masakizac on Reddit

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