BNB Chain Partners with GAIMIN to Accelerate Web3 Esports By DailyCoin Growth

BNB Chain partners with GAIMIN to accelerate Web3 Esports growth
  • BNB chain has announced that it is partnering with GAIMIN, a decentralized computing network for gamers.
  • The Web3 gaming platform will work with the data processing network to fuel the growth of Web3 esports.

GAIMIN aims to provide Web3 solutions for the gambling industry and facilitate their migration to Web3 through its solutions. Considering that BNB Chain is the world’s largest smart contract blockchain based on transaction volume and daily active users, the platform is trying to leverage BNB Chain’s ecosystem and help developers create more games.

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Facilitating Web3 Transformation

GAIMIN is a leading decentralized, distributed computing delivery network that leverages resources found in gaming PCs, specifically GPUs. The Web3 platform leverages users’ underutilized computing power to create a network that operates similar to a supercomputer.

Users can monetize the computing power they provide through the platform. GAIMIN primarily uses the extra power to handle video rendering, AI processing, and other compute-intensive tasks with its network.

By collaborating with BNB Chain, the platform aims to serve as the base layer for Web3 games and help developers contribute more games to the ecosystem with their technology.

Martin Speight, CEO of GAIMIN said in a press release:

“I’m excited to partner with BNB Chain to bring Web3 technology to the gaming community. Our technology aims to enable game developers to convert their AAA Web2 games to Web3 and enable blockchain functions and services to be integrated into their games.” their developments and how GAIMIN’s esports team, GAIMIN Gladiators, will be key to this partnership.

Speight shared his excitement about the partnership and the gaming community. The CEO of GAIMIN is more than eager to facilitate Web3 eSports’ growth initiative with this partnership.

Consequently, adding to the excitement, Walter Lee, Head of Affiliate Growth and GameFi at BNB Chain:

“We selected GAIMIN as our premier partner for Web3 Esports growth initiatives after reviewing its business model and ability to reach the global gaming community. We are particularly excited about GAIMIN’s approach to developing Web3-based technologies that game developers and especially gamers need to take advantage of this growing market.”

On the flip side

  • GAIMIN Gladiators, GAIMIN’s esports organization, has professional teams in most mainstream esports games including Apex Legends, Dota, Rainbow Six Siege and more.
  • GAIMIN has yet to announce how it will benefit BNB Chain users with its network.

Why you should care

GAIMIN has established itself in the esports sector, with its teams participating in top competitions in various games. Furthermore, the Web3 gaming platform uses proven innovative means to facilitate upcoming blockchain games with its data processing services.

Considering BNB Chain’s vast ecosystem of games, users and platforms, the partnership could be fruitful for the community as it brings high computing power to games and developers on BNB Chain.

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