Bipartisan education funding legislation aims to improve student success in more Minnesota schools

MINNEAPOLIS, January 25, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — BARR center (Building Assets, Reducing Risks) today announced legislation to provide funding for more Minnesota Schools to adopt a system that focuses on students’ academic, social and emotional needs.

HF 806/SF 494, written by House E-12 Finance Committee Chair Rep. Cheryl Youakim (Hopkins) and sen. Arik Putnam (St. Cloud) asks the Minnesota to award legislators $7,650,000 for 30 extra Minnesota Schools to implement the BARR system. More than 40 schools in Minnesota and 200 more nationwide are currently using the BARR system to improve school culture and student outcomes. With this new funding, 30 geographically distributed (urban, suburban and rural) Minnesota Schools that serve Black, Indigenous and Colored students, as well as those affected by poverty, would also benefit from the results of the BARR system.

“In just over a year of implementation, BARR has had a tremendous impact, including a dramatic reduction in course failures in all grades 9-12 and an improvement in school culture. With BARR, we can address student challenges much more efficiently and proactively in preventing problematic behavior and successfully addressing social and emotional needs, while also focusing on the positive traits and strengths that each person brings to our school community,” explains the principal of Detroit Lakes High School Joshua Omang. “If we’re really serious about education for better outcomes for all children, expanding the BARR system in our state should be at the top of everyone’s list!”

In this challenging post-pandemic time, educators need support more than ever to manage the school climate and student mental health. Using existing resources, the BARR system focuses on building meaningful relationships – leveraging each student’s strengths – and leveraging student data to truly transform a school’s culture. In every school implemented, it has proven to be a successful way to meet the social and emotional needs of all students while increasing student achievement and teacher satisfaction and effectiveness.

“Implementing the BARR system in our school has exponentially increased the depth to which we know students, positively improved teacher collaboration and given us a platform to create and solidly implement SMART goals for our students “, he says Kelly Hoskins5th grade teacher at Lake Elmo Elementary School and Treasurer of the St. Croix Education Association.

“It is our third year working with BARR at Marshall High School, and we have seen an increase in student achievement in the ninth grade, primarily due to more timely identification (and intervention) of students who need academic and psychological support ‘ said the principal brian jones. “The BARR system takes a comprehensive approach, building on what schools are already doing to make improvements that benefit students and allowing staff to work as a team to foster a culture of learning and support create.”

The BARR system stands alone as the most consistently proven school improvement model in the country. Through rigorous studies conducted by the American Institute for Research (AIR), the BARR system has demonstrated statistically significant results in 20 areas, including increasing credit in math and English, improving academic achievement, reducing course failure , closing the achievement gap and reducing chronic absenteeism while improving the school environment for both students and staff.

“BARR’s mission is to create equitable schools where every student, regardless of race, ethnicity or economic status, has access to a quality education where adults know them, recognize their strengths and help them succeed ‘ she explains Angela Jerabek, Founder and Managing Director of the BARR Center. “I developed the BARR system while serving as a school counselor here Minnesota He then spent 20 years rigorously testing its effectiveness because that’s what educators deserve – knowing that the programs they use have been vetted and are a proven effective way to engage the students they love so much heart lies to influence positively.”

About the BARR Center
The BARR Center (Building Assets, Reducing Risks) provides the expertise and resources a school needs to implement the BARR system, an evidence-based system designed to create a collaborative and strengths-based culture of support and success for Empower each student through consciously deepened relationships and improving data usage. For more information visit, https://barrcenter.org/.



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