Despite the negative attention BIG Games keeps drawing regarding its history of merch releases, the Roblox development company just announced via Twitter his latest set of limited edition plushies – the Titanic Tiedye Cat and the Titanic Tiedye Dragon. As with previous plush drops, players who purchase any of these toys will also receive an exclusive Pet Simulator X pet, which can only be obtained by those who receive the appropriate pet code. These stuffed animals live on Sunday May 14, 2023at 11 a.m. CT and will not be restocked after they are sold out.

Because these plushies are designed for Titanic pets (the largest type of pet in Pet Simulator X), they come with titanic-sized price tags to reckon with $250 per plush. Similar to the Titanic Balloon Cat plushies released in February 2023, members of the Roblox community have opposed the release of the new Titanic Tiedye plushies, with some users even making a listing possible electronics, consolesAnd everyday necessities they could buy with the same amount of money.

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However, even with this backlash, these plushies still sell out almost immediately upon sale and inevitably resell on eBay for hundreds more than their original listing price. The Titanic Balloon plush mentioned above is listed for over $1,500 on the resale site, and pre-sale items have already been posted for the new bound plush toys, which are priced between $300-$400 more than the original listing.

Those wishing to take home one of these plushies must ensure that they have their information prepared and up and running before 11:00 am on May 14th, as the BIG Games website often crashes due to the overwhelming wave of traffic.

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