IIn this video I will talk about it walt Disney (NYSE:DIS) and Netflix (NASDAQ:NFLX) and which might be worth buying today.

  • Netflix stock plummeted after reporting that it had lost subscribers for the first time in over a decade.
  • Netflix’s management announced that it will add an ad-supported tier sooner rather than later. This will bring in more subscribers and advertising dollars for the leading streaming platform.
  • Disney+ added 7.9 million subscribers last quarter, but the majority came from its Disney+ Hotstar bundle, which has an average revenue per user of $0.76.
  • Disney management also reiterated that it will meet its goal of having between 230 million and 260 million Disney+ subscribers by 2024. Until then, I’m forecasting that it will be paying a dividend again.
  • With high inflation, users might consider cutting back on non-essential expenses like streaming services. That’s why Disney might be a better choice than Netflix right now, given that you’re getting a lot more exposure than Disney+.
  • However, Netflix’s switch to advertising could accelerate its growth and fund future projects.

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*Share prices used were the closing prices of Can 18, 2022. The video was published on Can 19th, 2022.

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