Best Towers in Roblox World Defenders

Roblox World Defender is a fun and occasionally chaotic action game where players fight through each level against enemies trying to attack the world. With the help of amazing weapons and powerful towers, enemies and bosses can be defeated! If you have just started this game or you want to overcome a difficult level, you may want to know which towers are the strongest and most popular.

We show you here our recommendations of the best towers in Roblox World Defender.

Preferably Roblox World Defender towers

The world defender The tower rankings below show you which towers we consider to be some of the best choices you can make to move through and defend each world. Turrets come in different types, with a variety of ranges and power levels. In our tier list we show you which are the SS tier, S tier and A tier. We’ve looked at the cost of the tower up to the max level versus how powerful it is, as some of the towers can be very powerful, but the cost isn’t really worth it.

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All the towers that have been crossed off our list are towers that are not worth saving up for or trying to unlock, although you may think otherwise as it sometimes depends on playstyle. Check out the details in the table below:

Tower DPS/Use Type level
satellite laser 2.7K at max Range ss
air raid 4.7K at max rail ss
mecha robot 3K at max Range ss
Cyclops 2.4K at max Range ss
Fence 90K at max rail S
lovezilla 1.4K at max Range S
t rex 1.8K at max Range S
zombie rex 3.2K at max rail S
polar couple 1.2K at max Range S
visitor center 15,000 money per spin at max Money A
Robo Raptor 25K at max rail A
indominus 3.5K at max Range A
Cobra King 4K at max rail A
Little Turtle 1.2K at max Range A

So these are the best towers in Roblox World Defender. Let us know which towers you think are the best in the comments! Visit our Roblox World Defender How To section for more hints and tips.

world defender is available to continue playing Roblox at the moment! Visit the Roblox website for more details.

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