Best Shiny Pokemon in Scarlet and Purple

That Pokemon Franchise has been an unstoppable force for over twenty years. It has a wide range of successful properties in multiple media such as animation, film and especially video games. There have been 122 published games in the Pokemon Franchise that introduced dozens of characters, stories, and Pokémon for players to fall in love with and collect.

Pokemonscarlet and violetare the latest installments in the franchise, bringing an innovative marvel and a whole new generation of Pokemon, with over a hundred new creatures for players to discover. Among the Pokemon creatures to catch, collect, and battle, players can also search high and low for unique variants called “Shiny” Pokemon, which feature a different coloring than the usual variants. Shiny Pokémon are incredibly rare and require dedication to find, but they possess striking visual designs that die-hard collectors will want in their collections. Here are the best Shiny Pokémon in scarlet and Violet.


8/8 Quaxly

Quaxly pokemon

When loading in either the Scarlet or Violet version of the latest version Pokemon Games require players to choose a starter Pokémon. One of the available starters is Quaxly, a water type called the Duckling Pokémon.

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A wonderful first edition from a young Pokémon master, Quaxly can carry more than its own weight as it accompanies a player on their journey. Quaxly can be selected at the beginning of the game, but can also be caught in the wild. However, in order to get a shiny version of Quaxly that appears with a unique shade of blue in its feathers, players need to get lucky and get one through proper breeding.

7/8 Charcadet

Charcadet Pokémon

Charcadet is a Fire-type Pokémon known as the Fire Child Pokemon. While it’s a common find in the wilds of the Paldea region, Charcadet’s shiny version will impress when exploring the Asado Desert. There’s plenty of Charcadet to hunt in this area, but with a little help from a Shiny Sandwich and some luck, players will find one of the best-looking Shiny Pokemon they can own. The shiny sprite is similar to the original but with blue eyes instead of red.

An extremely powerful party member, Charcadet has two different evolution branches that affect its appearance, especially when it’s a Shiny variant. Players can lean towards the Ceruledge evolution for the unique shades of blue in their flames.

6/8 toedscool

dead cool pokemon

In appearance, Toedscool is a Pokemon similar to Tentacool. The difference is that Toedscool is a Grass/Ground type Pokemon called the Woodear Pokemon.

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Toedscool can usually be found most commonly near Lake Casseroya with little effort. Shiny versions of this Pokémon will be distinguished by their unique hue should they appear. The shiny version of Toedscool has a distinct silver and gray hue that makes it a very desirable addition to any trainer’s Pokedex.

5/8 Rellor

Reel Pokemon

Rellor is the rolling Pokemon, a bug-type that has a design resembling a dung beetle pushing a junk ball around. The shiny version of Rellor gives him the same basic color scheme, but turns the ball he’s pushing around into gold.

The benefits of a shiny version go even further in Rellor’s evolution, Rabsca, in which his altered orb is a bright color that catches the eye. Rellor can be found in a number of locations in the Paldea region, but is most commonly found in the Asado Desert.

4/8 Tinkatink

Tinkatink Pokémon

The shiny versions of Tinkatink and its evolution Tinkatuff can be hunted in the wild. This dual Fairy/Steel-type Pokémon is known for the massive hammer it swings around for protection, made from scraps Tinkatink collected.

Shiny Tinkatink has a pink color palette that changes the hue of his hair design. It also changes the color of the metal diamond embedded in its chest, as well as its hammer from silver to gold. Tinkatink can be found in the Southern Province and Grand Olive Orchard, while Tinkatuff can be found primarily in the ruins of northwestern Paldea.

3/8 Iron Thorns

Iron Throne's Pokemon

Iron Thorns is a unique Pokemon in its own right scarlet and violet, featuring one of the coolest designs in the game. It is similar to the Gen 2 Pokemon Tyranitar but highly evolved with new technological features. Iron Thorns is an Electric/Rock-type Pokemon found only in Area Zero Pokemon Violet. Pokemon Scarlet Players can only get it through a trade.

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Iron Thorns retains Tyranitar’s green scales, but changes the highlighted areas from emerald green to silver. The glossy version tints the exterior silver while retaining the green highlights. Known as a Paradox Pokémon, Iron Thorns is said to be a time-traveling Pokémon from the far future where Tyranitar has evolved beyond recognition.

2/8 Chi-yu

Chi-yu Pokémon

Chi-Yu is a member of the Treasures of Ruin, which is modeled after a colorful fish that explores the deepest parts of the seas. Surprisingly, Chi-Yu isn’t a Water-type, but a Fire/Dark dual-type with orange and red scales.

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The Shiny version of Chi-Yu cannot be hunted in the wild since Chi-Yu is a Legendary Pokémon that can only be encountered after receiving a quest from the trainer’s history teacher. Players must unlock a Mythic Fire Shrine and take on Chi-Yu in a battle to obtain it. A Shiny Chi-Yu has an incredibly cool design that transforms its scales from orange and red to blue and black.

1/8 Frigibax

Frigibax Pokémon

Frigibax is an Ice/Dragon-type Pokémon with a gray and yellow design known as the Ice Fin Pokémon. Frigibax is most commonly found in caves in Glaseado Mountain or in the surrounding snowy areas.

While finding a Shiny Pokemon is difficult enough, finding a Shiny Frigibax is an even more challenging task since it’s a rare spawn in both games. Players will have to dig deep to come across a regular Frigibax, let alone its shiny variant. Frigibax is a phenomenal Pokémon that has three stages of evolution. While his body is typically gray and black, the shiny version reverses that color scheme and makes Frigibax stand out even more.

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