Best pink Pokemon ever

Pokemon is known to boast a whole kaleidoscope of colors, with literally hundreds of Pokémon available in every color palette of the rainbow, often drawing inspiration from real-world charms. Pokemon colors can usually dictate their elemental/fighting type. For example, blue Pokemon are usually associated with water, while green Pokemon are either Bug or Grass types.

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Pink Pokemon tend to be rarer and are usually considered to be Fairy-types, although some can also be normal. Many pink Pokémon have downright feminine and cute designs, but they’re still terrifying on their own. From wannabe pop icon Jigglypuff to the mythical and mysterious Mew, Here are some of the most well-known pink Pokémon.


10 stuffy

Pokemon, stuffy

Introduced in Generation VII, stuffy resembles an adorable stuffed animal version of the red panda. It is pink and white with brown legs and has a small white appendage around its swollen tail that resembles the labels seen on stuffed animals. But don’t be fooled! This dual Normal type can pack a serious punch, especially when threatened.

Despite its cute looks, small size, and apparent docility, Stufful is also known as the Flailing Pokémon. Stufful may be tempting to hug, but it will flap its powerful limbs at random when touched. According to the Pokedex, his thrashing is powerful enough to break thick logs in half and has been compared to the strength of a pro wrestler!

9 Skitty

Pokemon, Skitty

Cat-type Pokémon are always popular because they make great and lovable companions Skitty is no exception. Introduced in Generation III, this spoiled pink cat can be evolved into Delcatty using the Moonstone.

Skitty has a round, stocky body with four short legs. They have tufted ears with purple interiors and adorable slanted eyes with a cheeky facial expression. As their name suggests, they are shy and gaining their trust can be difficult.

8th bores

Pokémon, Slowpoke

bores is an iconic two-type pink Water/Psycho-type Pokémon introduced in Generation I. This notoriously slow Pokémon has a constant blank expression with two eyes that never seem to focus on the task at hand. Its derpy expression and lazy personality make it one of the cutest Pokemon.

Slowpoke have notoriously slow response times. Despite the fact that he uses his tail to attract bait, it can take him over a day to process the fact that he’s caught something. Famously known as the Dopey Pokemon, it’s ironic to see that Slowpoke has the potential to evolve into Slowking, one of the smartest Pokemon in lore.

7 impidimp

Pokemon, Impidimp

Break the other pink Pokemon’s cute and feminine stereotypes, impidimp looks more scary than cuddly. They were introduced in Generation VIII. Impidimp’s color scheme is more of a fuchsia/dark pink than the soft pastel tones typically seen in Fairy-type Pokémon.

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Impidimps take notes from their goblin heritage and are incredibly mischievous. They are well-known tricksters in the world of Pokemon as they love to sneak into people’s homes and wreak havoc by stealing things and making life miserable for the residents.

6 Clefairy

Pokemon, Clefairy

evolution of the baby Pokémon Cleffa, Clefairy is a Fairy-type Pokémon introduced in Generation I. Though “fairy” is in its name, Clepe was originally a Normal Pokémon up until Generation VI. It’s a two-legged Pokémon whose design vaguely resembles a star and a tiny pair of wings on its back. However, Clefairy are unable to fly and instead store energy from the moonlight, allowing them to levitate.

A recurring character in the original anime, Clefairy was revealed to be an alien Pokémon when a group of Clefairy crashed their spaceship.

5 treat

Pokemon, Lucky

The most unique Pokemon on this list is treat. Unlike other pink Pokémon, its visual appearance is more obscure than cute. It’s also a Normal-type Pokemon and not a Fairy-type Pokemon like some of the other entries on this list.

Linkitung is amphibian by nature. His entire visual design revolves around this characterization, with even his tail resembling a tongue-like limb. Much like a frog or lizard, Lickitung uses its tongue to catch prey, mostly Bug-type Pokémon. Its tongue measures over 2 meters in length, doubling the size of its body.

4 Chansey

Pokemon, Chansey

Chansey is a trademark in every Pokémon game and anime series. Despite its feminine appearance and pink character design Chansey is a Normal-type Pokémon, and they are always female. Also known as the Egg Pokémon, Chansey’s signature trait is the large egg in her pouch.

In the anime, Chansey is most commonly seen accompanying Sister Joy on her healing quests at Pokémon Centers. They are extremely sensitive to the needs of those around them and will do whatever is in their power to heal and help anyone who needs it.

3 Meow

Pokemon, Mew

Generation I was full of iconic pink Pokémon, and another example is Mew. This extremely rare Pokémon is Psychic-type and falls under Mythic status. Its backstory in the Pokedex and anime suggests that it was the first Pokemon in existence.

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Mew’s appearance is deceptive, for despite its innocent feline traits, it is incredibly powerful. It can copy other Pokémon’s abilities and learn virtually every single move possible. It often uses its abilities to fool around with Pokémon.

2 Jigglypuff

Pokemon, Jigglypuff

Instantly one of the most iconic pink Pokémon in history, Jigglypuff has an almost occult following. Jigglypuff has featured in the Super Smash Bros roster and was even there Detective Pikachu with Ryan Reynolds. Jigglypuff is an adorable round blob of pink with an expertly styled quiff and pointy ears.

Jigglypuff has been part of the line-up since Generation I and was an integral part of the original anime series. Jigglypuff’s cuteness can be disarming and hide a dangerous secret. Its famous lullaby puts everyone to sleep instantly, much to this Pokémon’s dismay, because all Jigglypuff wants in life is to be a singer! It’s also a prankster, drawing mustaches and goofy facial expressions on its victims once they’ve passed out.

1 mewtwo

Pokemon, Mewtwo

No list of pink Pokemon would be complete without mentioning the first legendary Pokemon, legendary Mewtwo! It is a large, two-legged Pokémon with humanoid features created from DNA engineering experiments based on the mythical Pokémon Mew.

Because Mewtwo was artificially created and forced to be a living weapon, it was cold-hearted and focused solely on combat. Pokémon: Mewtwo Strikes Back describes Mewtwo’s extraordinary abilities, including its telekinetic powers and telepathy, making it one of the strongest, if not the strongest, Pokémon in history.

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