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Watching movies at home is never the same as watching one on the big screen at your local cinema. However, if you have the right stuff, you can get pretty close to a similar experience.

Along with a high-end television and a blaring speaker system, you want the most comfortable seating possible. The best home theater seating, such as For example, Diesel’s 117-inch wide genuine leather home theater seating features an adjustable backrest, plush padding and an accessory station.

Consider your available space in terms of seating capacity. Not only should you consider how many seats will comfortably fit in the area, but you should also consider how much space is left between the seats and the screen. It’s best to try to leave 1.5 to 2.5 times the screen diagonal between your seats and the screen. This may affect whether you opt for one or more rows of seats and a recliner.

Most home theater seating is upholstered in either leather or faux leather. Real leather gets better with age, but you need to take care of it regularly. Faux leather, on the other hand, should remain in the same condition for years, but does not require much additional care. Real leather can also be more durable than a faux leather alternative.

Many models of home theater seating offer additional hidden storage space. This is often integrated either between the seats or in the armrest and is usually a handy place to keep your remote controls.

In recent years, USB ports and power outlets have become a more common feature of home theater seating. This makes it possible to charge your smartphone and other devices or to connect a lamp.

Most home theater seating comes with built-in drink holders, and some now feature retractable or hidden food trays for those all-important movie snacks.

Headrests, footrests and reclining options make your home cinema seating even more comfortable. Watching a movie makes you want to drift off into another world, and these features make that possible. Some seating even offers massage therapy.

Some of the more expensive home theater seating has lighting built into the furniture. This is helpful so you and your guests don’t make a mess while dining – without adding too much “light pollution” to your theater environment.

Most home theater seating ranges from $200 to $1,500, although premium models can cost up to $2,500 or more. For $200 or less, you can find leatherette recliner chairs that offer a comfortable viewing experience. Loveseats with features like cup holders and genuine leather upholstery are available for around $1,000.

A While there’s no specific definition, most people would consider a “home theater,” any room in your home that is dedicated solely to watching movies. This usually means a large TV or projector and screen, and a high-performance sound system.

A While you can use whatever parts you want to create your home theater, single seat home theater chairs give you an extra level of comfort and convenience. Home theater seats are usually leather or leatherette (instead of fabric) and include cup holders, food trays, and other features that enhance the viewing experience.

Diesel 117″ Wide Genuine Leather Home Theater Seat: available from Wayfair

Our opinion: This range of premium home theater seating is perfect for those who have extensive home theater equipment.

What we like: These seats are crafted from premium full-grain leather and have a generous 23-inch width for maximum comfort. The high seatback provides excellent back and neck support, and each seat has a personal cup holder.

What we don’t like: They don’t depend on each other.

Ebern Designs 35.8″ Wide Leatherette Home Theater Single Seat: available from Wayfair

Our opinion: This is an excellent recliner with a modern style that would make a great addition to any living room or small home theater setup.

What we like: This seat features an electric reclining function and individually pocketed coils encased in foam and wrapped in a layer of elastic material for superior comfort. It features multiple USB charging ports, hidden arm storage and dual cup holders.

What we don’t like: It needs to be plugged into two outlets to power the recliner function and the cord is short.

Lark Manor Geertruidenberg Velvet Home Theater Sofa: available from Wayfair

Our opinion: Crafted from ultra-soft premium fabrics, this sofa has an elegant design that hugs the wall.

What we like: It is made of velvet and has a standard reclining mechanism.

What we don’t like: The backrest is not as high as other home theater sofas.

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