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Netflix has produced over 600 original films since officially releasing content in 2015. Increasingly higher numbers have been recorded each year, with over 172 original feature films being produced in 2022. Throughout 2023, we’ll be using Rotten Tomatoes results to bring you the best and top rated Netflix Original movies of 2023 to stream right now.

However, as of January 2023, Netflix has only released nine films highlighted by comedy You guys with Jonah Hill and Eddie Murphy and dog away with Rob Lowe. However, most of them either didn’t get a score on Rotten Tomatoes or the ratings for the film were poor. So I will be expanding this list monthly and below I share the two movies that caught the attention of their viewers.

Last updated: May 8, 2023

Best & Highest Rated Movies on Netflix in 2023

12. The Light Blue Eye (2023)

The light blue eye is the third collaboration between director Scott Cooper and Christian Bale. Critic MN Miller says that the film, the light blue eye, is a stunning looking gothic image that is inconsistent because the entire experience can be so horribly over the top.

Official premise: A world-weary detective is hired to investigate the murder of a West Point cadet. Hampered by the cadets’ code of silence, he hires one of them to help solve the case – a young man the world would know as Edgar Allan Poe.

Pour: Christian Bale, Harry Melling, Simon McBurney

Rotten Tomatoes: 63.00%

11. The Magician’s Elephant (2023)

The audience raved The Magician’s Elephant giving it an 86% score on Rotten Tomatoes. RSC critic MN Miller said of the film: The Magician’s Elephant is an enchanting animated feature suitable for both families and fans of the genre.

Official premise: A fortune teller tells an orphan boy that an elephant will help him find his missing sister.

Pour: Noah Juste, Brian Tyree Henry, Mandy Patikin

Rotten Tomatoes: 67.00%

10 All Places (2023)

Critic Amanda Guarragi said: “All places has a sweet sibling dynamic and shows that everyone can learn something new from their siblings because of different perspectives.”

Official premise: After the death of their father, two siblings who haven’t seen each other in 15 years try to heal their relationship while fulfilling a childhood dream: a motorcycle road trip through Mexico.

Pour: Anna Serradilla, Maruicio Ochmann, Ana Claudia Talancon, and Diana Bovio

Rotten Tomatoes: 67%

9. Luther: The Fallen Sun (2023)

Ready Steady Cut critic MNMIller said the film was a suspenseful, intriguing thriller that approaches the horror genre. Luther: The Fallen Sun is a wicked crime thriller that comes to life.

Official premise: Brilliant but disgraced detective John Luther breaks out of prison to hunt down a sadistic serial killer terrorizing London.

Pour: Idris Elba, Cynthia Erivo, Andy Serkis

Rotten Tomatoes: 68.00%

8. Chupa (2023)

“Ready Steady Cut” critic Lori C said about Chupa(2023), “Even stripping away the mythical, this is a touching story about family, the importance of heritage and the bonds that matter most to us.”

Official premise: Shy 13-year-old Alex flies from Kansas City to Mexico to meet his extended family for the first time. There he meets his grandfather and former Lucha Libre champion Chava, energetic, wrestling-obsessed cousin Memo, and fearless, hip cousin Luna. But just as Alex begins to get his bearings, he discovers a mythical creature living under his grandfather’s shed: a young chupacabra cub he recognizes from stories about the dreaded adult chupacabra that is said to feed on farmers’ cattle.

Pour: Demian Bichir, Evan Whitten, and Christian Slater

Rotten Tomatoes: 68.00%

7. Unlocked (2023)

Ready Steady Cut Critic Lori C said the premise for Unlocked (2023) is fantastic, but the result is a mediocre but entertaining thriller.

Official premise: A woman’s life is turned upside down when a dangerous man gets his hands on her lost cell phone and uses it to track her every move.

Pour: Si-wan Yim, Woo-hee Chun, Kim Hee-won

Rotten Tomatoes: 71.00%

6. A Guide to Love (2023)

Critic MN Miller said: “A guide to love is a flawed but quietly charming romance for fans of the genre and a mildly entertaining diversion for others.”

Official premise: The work takes an American tour guide to Vietnam, where a free-spirited tour guide helps her open her eyes to a beautiful, adventurous way of life.

Pour: Rachael Leigh Cook, Scott Ly, Missi Pyle, Ben Feldman

Rotten Tomatoes: 71%

5. True Spirit (2023)

said Nicole Ackman during true spirit While not a filmmaking masterpiece, it is an inspiring depiction of the tremendous achievement of young navigator Jessica Watson.

Official premise: The story of Australian teenager Jessica Watson, the youngest person to ever sail non-stop solo around the world.

Pour: Alyla Browne, Teagan Croft, Cliff Curtis, and Anna Paqui

Rotten Tomatoes: 79.00%

4. Infiesto (2023)

Lori C said about Infiesto (2023) If you’re looking for a standard crime thriller with a relatively compelling story and a comfortingly familiar formula, this film delivers. That said, audiences don’t feel the same, as it sits at 44% on the Rotten Tomatoes counter.

Official premise: Two detectives are called to a small mining town in the Asturian mountains, where a young woman who has been doomed for months suddenly appears and the detectives question what dark forces are at work.

Pour: Isak Ferriz, Iria del Rio, Antonio Buil

Rotten Tomatoes: 83.00%

3. Hunger (2023)

RSC critic Emma Vine said: “hunger is a gripping drama filled with suspense as it explores human quest for perfection.”

Official premise: Aoy, a woman in her 20s, runs her family’s local pan noodle restaurant in Bangkok’s Old Quarter. One day, she receives an invitation to leave the family business and join Team Hunger, Thailand’s premier luxury chef team led by the famously brilliant and notoriously evil chef Paul.

Pour: Nopachai Chaiyanam, Chutimon Chuengcharoensukying, Gunn Svasti Na Ayudhya, and Bhumibhat Thavornsiri.

Rotten Tomatoes: 85.00%

2. Furies (2023)

RSC critic Lori C said: “there’s enough needless violence awash in neon lights to satisfy the genre’s pickiest fans. But the story and the relationship between the leads is where furies heart lies.”

Official premise: A mysterious woman trains a trio of girls to get revenge on a criminal gang that abuses women. The three warriors risk everything to challenge this corrupt empire.

Pour: Veronica Ngo, Song Luan, and Thuan Nguyen

Rotten Tomatoes: 88.00%

1. Noise (2023)

Lori C. loved Noise (2023) and says that during its hour and 45-minute run, the film paints a hauntingly realistic picture of what too many families around the world endure when someone they love disappears. It’s uncomfortable to look at, and that’s what makes it so important to look at.

Official premise: A mother desperately searching for her daughter who has been missing for two years.

Pour: Julieta Egurrola, Teresa Ruiz, and Erick Israel Consuelo

Rotten Tomatoes: 100.00%

And that completes our list of the best and top rated movies on Netflix in 2023. What is your favorite movie on Netflix in 2023 so far? Comment below.

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