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It takes a lot of skill to be successful in Fortnite. Players need to aim fast, have a good shot, and know where to fall to quickly get the best weapons on the map. It’s also important to be able to quickly spot the distance of other players so you can kill them before they knock you out. Certain settings can help make the graphics cleaner and make it easier to spot other players – this is done through settings for color blind people. Here are the best colorblind settings in Fortnite.

The best setting for color blind people in Fortnite

While the color blind settings are designed for people with actual color blindness, it’s proving to be a great way to gain an edge over the competition. The best setting for colorblind people is to set the Colorblind Mode to Protanope and the Strength to the 5-8 range. Setting the color blind mode to this number and mode creates the most accurate image on screen and makes it easier to spot other players around.

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These settings help to recognize the player against dark shadows and in the distance against the mountains and building structures. Plus, players will find that these settings pull it off rarer weapons easier to spot in the distance – a significant advantage if you can find a place to stay or explore first. You can adjust these settings by navigating the accessibility menu and scrolling down to Colorblind Mode. You can turn it on or off and choose the right Protanope mode.

Whether you’re color blind or want an edge over the competition, these are your preferences. If the color contrast is too strong, slightly adjust the strength until you find a comfortable amount for your eyes. Once you get the strength right, you’ll find Fortnite becomes a lot easier and you’ll be feeling like a pro in no time.

– This article was updated on May 9, 2023


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