Best Controller Players in Apex Legends 2022

This article introduces the top 10 controller players currently dominating Apex Legends in 2022.

Apex Legends is one of the most played battle royale titles of modern times. This game introduced so many unique features that amazed FPS and battle royale fans. Shooting and aiming is one such feature that makes Apex Legends stand out from the crowd.

Although Apex Legends initially shone for its movement mechanics, the meta currently favors controllers more due to their superiority in the aiming department. Most of the current top players dominate Apex Legends thanks to controllers and aim assists.

A similar scenario can also be observed in the competitive scene. Many pro players, particularly in NA, are currently using controllers, and many others are constantly switching to them. The best controller players, thanks to aim assist and hours of non-stop practice, can beam down enemies and kill them instantly.

In this article, we profile ten such players who have amazed everyone with their aiming and controller skills in Apex Legends. Almost every player in this list is well known to the Apex Legends community as they are very popular and have a huge following.

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Top 10 Best Controller Players in Apex

As mentioned, this article lists the top 10 controller players currently dominating Apex Legends. These players are also referred to as human aimbots by many in the community. Plus, they’re the best of the best when it comes to aiming in Apex Legends.

Since everyone is crazy and can dominate a lobby fairly easily, ranking them from best to worst is quite difficult. However, we will still rank players based on what we believe to be the best controller players in Apex Legends right now.

So here are our top 10 best controller players in Apex Legends:

1. Births

Photo credit: gene births

Noyan “gen births” ozcosis is an Australian-Turkish player currently playing for DarkZero Esports. Birth is the definition of a true human aimbot. His aim is so crisp and slick that many believe he’s cheating.

However, he proved everyone wrong after showing off his skills in ALGS with DarkZero. Not only did he perform, but DarkZero became the ALGS 2022 Champions. Even pro gamers agree that Genburten is hands down the best controller player in Apex Legends right now.

2. StayNaughty

stay cheeky
Credit: EA

Paris “StayNaughty” Gouzoulis is an American-Greek player currently playing for Cloud9. Before joining Cloud9, he wasn’t a very well known player in the Apex Legends community. However, as soon as he entered the big organization, he started flying.

StayNaughty is a player who can easily get stuck in any situation. He was already a beast before he came to Cloud9, but he keeps improving every day. He’s steadily becoming a more prominent player in the Apex Legends community.

3. Imperial Hal

Imperial Hal
Credit: EA

Phillip “Imperial Hal” cans is an American player currently playing for TSM. Many players might disagree with ImperialHal’s ranking on this list. However, he only recently switched to a controller and is already dominating the Apex Legends competitive scene.

He has god-like aim on controllers, and he has the brains to assist his aim, making him deadlier than everyone else. He also improves his aim with the controller every day. If he keeps it up, he could even be number one on this list in no time.

4. MessyA lot

MessyA lot
Photo credit: G2

Nathan “ChaoticMuch” Gajkiewicz is a British player currently playing for G2 Esports. ChaoticMuch is undoubtedly on par with Genburten when it comes to controller aiming. However, he can be inconsistent at times, which makes him off the list.

Also, he only recently joined G2. So his ability with a controller has yet to show against the big guns. Nonetheless, he is a force to be reckoned with and should never be taken lightly.

5. Decent

Photo credit: G2

In number 5 we named another player from G2 Tyler “Dezignful” Gardner from America. Dezginful is a beast up close. He always performs an SMG and Wingman combo. His wingman shots are out of the world and will make you feel like he’s using aimbots.

Dezignful has been in the competitive Apex Legends scene for a long time and everyone respects him greatly. He has a very aggressive playstyle, making him deadlier in close-ranged combat. So be careful if you ever find him on your server.

6. Hull

Credit: EA

Evan “Verhulst” Verhulst is an American player currently playing for TSM. Verhulst was a living prodigy when he was at ESA. Everyone thought Verhulst would shine brighter with TSM. For many reasons, however, this did not happen.

Regardless, Verhulst is still an aiming god with controllers. His Valkyrie movement and grapple skills will have you questioning your mastery of Apex Legends. Although he’s going through a rough patch at TSM, hopefully he’ll get into better shape soon and return to his former glory.

7. Pandxrz

Photo credit: Pandxrz

Scott “Pandxrz” Maynard is an American player currently playing for FURIA Esports. He’s one of the most versatile controller players in the Apex Legends pro scene. Most controller pros are only good at aiming. However, Pandxrz is a total package.

He has great movement, insane aim, and fast looting efficiency. With the help of Pandxrz, FURIA came close to becoming the ALGS champion in 2022, finishing second with the highest points.

8. RamBeau

Photo credit: EA ALGS

Beau “RamBeau” Sheidy is an American player currently playing for The Guard. Many may not agree that he is on this list. However, his talent with the controller should not be taken lightly.

RamBeau and his previous team secured 5th place in the ALGS 2022 Championship. Additionally, he’s done pretty well in recent tournaments, including the ALGS Pro League. So he deserves a spot on this list.

9. Gilding

Credit: NRG

Zachary “Gild” Dennis is an American player currently playing for NRG. Gild is one of those players who stays in the shadows, but when the time is right, he preys on his targets.

Many may not even know who Gild is since he has not participated in Apex Legends for a long time. However, since joining NRG he has been a dominant force and is both recognized and feared by other pros for his insane aim and grappling skills.

10. Exaggeration

Credit: Extessy

Extessy will challenge your prejudices if you believe that a controller player can’t be a god of movement. While there are limitations to how much you can do with one controller, Extessy can run them all without issue. He’s such a player that makes MnK players feel inferior in movement.

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Here you go! These are the best controller players in Apex Legends right now. And as mentioned, each of these players are great, and you can place them anywhere on this list. Each player in this list has their specialty and uniqueness.

In addition, there are also other players who could not be mentioned in this top 10 list. However, we’ll be updating this article regularly, and some players could take on others in no time. So keep an eye on the article to find the best controller players in Apex Legends.

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