Best Armor Enchantments in 2023

Armor is essential for survival in hostile games Minecraft. There are many mobs that bring sorrow and pain to the player. From the explosive creeper to the eagle-eyed skeleton. With the best armor in it Minecraftyou can further improve their performance with the best armor enchantments, although some enchantments work differently on the alternate versions of Minecraft.

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Players need an enchantment table to actually enchant their armor. Or they can use enchanted books or combine the same pieces of armor to make one great piece. Players must enter their game with the best enchantments Minecraft so that not even the dangerous guardians can pose a threat.


8th thorns 3

Iron boots with thorns enchantment

At the bottom of the ranking is Thorns. Thorns can be attached to any piece of armor and are ranked the worst for a reason. Thorns consume extra durability, which isn’t great considering players want all the durability they can get so they don’t have to replace their armor often and explore the many biomes within Minecraftespecially if it’s a rare source like netherite or diamonds.

The upside of Thorns is that it’s essentially extra protection, since anyone who damages the wearer of the Thorns armor takes damage themselves. This enchantment also affects ranged attacks, but the fact that it can kill a mob that the player didn’t want to see dead can be a drag.

7 Depth Strider 3

Deep Strider on diamond boots

Depth Strider is a boot enchantment in Minecraft this will improve and increase the wearer’s movement speed underwater. This is a great enchantment for players looking for an underwater adventure or who seem to encounter more water than they would like in their travels.

Water will constantly slow and push the player back, but Depth Strider 3 allows players to battle the elements and fight the current to be just as fast in the water as they are on land. It is an effective enchantment for travel.

6 breathing 3

Breathing on an iron helmet

Another great underwater spell is for the helm. Respiration 3 increases the time a player can breathe while underwater. The reason the third tier of Respiration is the best is because it allows the player to survive underwater for 60 seconds, a full minute of ocean exploration, rather than the measly 15 seconds without it.

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There are many underwater adventures to experience Minecraftand plenty of mysteries lying on the seabed, so Respiration 3 is a pretty decent enchantment that players will want to take advantage of to get the most out of their armor and the world they live in.

5 Fast Sneak 3

Minecraft Swift Sneak Enchantment Guide

Swift Sneak is a leggings enchantment with a big gamble: it can only be found in loot chests in ancient cities. Ancient Cities are extremely rare and dangerous as Guardians live within them. Players who want Swift Sneak 3 will need to be very quiet and crouch while placing blocks of wool to nullify their sounds.

The risk is worth the reward as Swift Sneak allows players to walk faster when sneaking. Sneak is useful for carefully navigating long falls, and Swift Sneak makes the player feel like they’re jogging. Maybe the new Minecraft The update will add more unique enchantments like this one.

4 feather case 4

Fall damage is a burden for everyone and can result in large numbers of players being unjustly killed. However, with the Feather Falling 4 boot enchantment, players’ fall damage is greatly reduced, and Feather Falling 4 reduces fall damage by around 48%, just under half the damage they would originally take.

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Feather Falling 4 will certainly open up the player to more risky moves when it comes to falling damage, as it will feel like the ground is a giant cushion to land on. Death is still a risk, so players need to be careful, but Feather Falling 4 is a great safety net.

3 mending

Mending a Netherite Pickaxe

In exchange for experience, players can ensure their armor never loses durability. Experience points drop from many sources, be it killing mobs, breeding mobs, cooking, or mining. This makes it easier for mending to have a big impact as that experience translates into durability. Mending can be attached to any piece of armor, meaning a player will never need to repair gear again.

Mending is a rather rare enchantment and cannot be found with the Mystery Enchantment Table. Players must look for other sources such as B. Mending books from treasure chests in jungle temples, fortresses and ancient cities. The easiest way to mending Minecraft is by trading with a librarian villager.

2 Unbreakable 3

unbroken spell on iron boots

Durability is vital to armor Minecraft. Without a proper level of durability, players can expect their armor to weaken and break faster than normal, which can come at the worst of times when players are fighting enemy mobs or one of them Minecraft’s bosses With Unbreaking 3, durability will never be an issue again.

Unbreaking 3 can be mounted on any piece of armor, from helmets to boots. With Unbreaking 3, durability is increased and players have an expanded chance to avoid durability even if they hit, ensuring their armor stays pristine for longer.

1 protection 4

Protection 4 iron boots

Perhaps the best armor enchantment in Minecraft is Proteciton 4. This is the maximum level the protection can reach and it can be applied to any piece of armor to increase damage reduction. For all pieces of an armor set with Protection 4, players will see an overall 64% damage reduction on their armor.

Players will really feel this buff and feel like a walking tank thanks to Ward 4. You might not need Ward 4 for Sniffers, but Skeleton Arrows, Lava, and other sources of damage will feel like nothing as long as players have Ward 4. Damage Reduction is a great way to stay on top of hostilities Minecraft.

Minecraft is available on Mobile, PC, PS4, Switch and Xbox One.

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