Ben Affleck Says Netflix ‘Assembly Line’ Movies

Ben Affleck

Ben Affleck
photo: Thomas Robinson (Getty Images)

After recently announcing that his latest collaboration would be with Matt Damon production company that promises to put creatives first, Ben Affleck has shared more of his thoughts on the state of cinema. To stand on the stage New York Times‘ DealBook Summit (via diversity) to promote artist justice, the Ex girlfriend star aimed at Netflix.

“I see no difference between commercial and quality,” says Affleck. “You ask [CEO] Reed Hastings: “Hey, we went for quantity.” I’m sure that left a footprint, I’m sure there’s some wisdom in that and I’m sure they had a great strategy , but I would have said, “How do you make 50 good films a year?” How is that possible? There is no committee big enough. You just can’t. It’s something that requires attention, dedication and work, and it defies the assembly-line type.”

Affleck still noted his respect for Netflix’s head of original films, Scott Stuber, and he previously starred in the streamer’s 2019 action thriller triple border. He also offered some reflections on the modern movie star, though he didn’t bring anything with him as Batman Wonder in.

“The biggest movies are on Netflix Christmasor those kind of early starlets” who argon director says. “They had a lot more exposure then than your kind of person does on a TV show now because there’s just so much to see. There’s a lot of investment that has gone into a lot of people my age, about that age. My wife who is 53 years old, the most famous, most admired, most spectacular woman in the world, there were no 53 year old stars in the 1940’s and 50’s. That was it. And there wasn’t really for men [either]. Paul Neuman was quite old at 37. You read about Newman when you were 37, 38 and they said, ‘Well, when you go into the sunset of your life, Paul, after that Towering inferno….’ And now people are much more familiar with this group of people. They’ve maintained that notoriety in a market so diffuse where it’s becoming increasingly valuable, attrMake eyes to get attention, to get the consumer to watch you.”

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Affleck and Damon’s artist equity is put to the test first publication, a feature about the launch of the Air Jordan, due out next year. The Boston-born duo will star in the project alongside Viola Davis, Jason Bateman, Chris Tucker and Marlon Wayans.

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