It was 20 years ago last year Batman beyond completed its three-season run (including the direct-to-video film Return of the Joker), but it wouldn’t be the last we’d see Terry McGinnis in the DC Animated Universe. The Caped Crusader of Neo Gotham City appeared in a few episodes of Static Shock and Justice League Unlimited, and in 2014, Will Friedle reprized Terry in 2014 alongside Kevin Conroy’s Bruce Wayne for a short film made to celebrate Batman’s 75th anniversary. Almost a decade later, when might we hear Terry speak of Friedle again?

That’s exactly what I asked Will Friedle when I interviewed him about the role of Lex Luthor and Aquaman in the upcoming animated film Teen Titans go! & DC Super Hero Girls: Chaos in the Multiverse. While Friedle didn’t rule out a return to the world of Batman beyond one day he said he had heard such a prospect for a long time, only that nothing actually happened. In his words:

Who knows? We’ve heard that we’re going to do more episodes, we’ve heard that we’re going to do more movies, we’ve heard that since we quit in 2000. We’ve also heard 19 different times that they’re making live-action films. Who knows? I suspect we’ll see Terry McGinnis again in some form, but I haven’t heard anything about it until now. But I have to imagine that they will do live action sometime in the future [project] or they will do something animated. We just haven’t heard anything about it.

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