JK Simmons is reprising his Justice League role as Commissioner Gordon in Batgirl, teasing a new side of the scrutinized character.

Among the many DC projects that have fallen by the wayside lately is one that is still on track bat girl The film is reportedly heading to HBO Max sometime later this year and will see the return of Michael Keaton as Batman and JK Simmons in his role as Commissioner Gordon in Justice League, and will introduce Leslie Grace as the latest iteration of bat girl. While little is known about how Keaton’s Batman will ultimately bond with the DCEU characters, JK Simmons has explained how fans will see a different side of Gordon in the film.

bat girl is now one of the few DC movies not to get a theatrical release, with Blue Beetle It was recently granted a theatrical release date of 2023. Although there seems to be connections The Lightning movie on bat girlWhether the delay in the release of Ezra Miller’s first, and possibly last, solo outing as the Scarlet Speedster will result in that is yet to be known bat girl also to delay. For now, the film is expected to be released on HBO Max sometime later this year.


JK Simmons has had quite a run in the comic book movie world, returning in the role of J. Jonah Jameson Spider-Man: No Way Home over at Marvel Studios, his legions of fans are now eagerly awaiting his return to the role of Gordon after his justice league Appearances were more of a cameo role than something significant in the DCEU. Speaking to Collider, Simmons explained how this time is different. He said:

“Batgirl was a treat for a number of reasons. My little part in the Justice League back then was supposed to be, ‘Look, we’re going to introduce this guy and we’ll see more of him in the future.’ I didn’t have much to do. In Batgirl, it’s much more of a domestic aspect of Jim Gordon due to the relationship between Commissioner Gordon and his daughter. We’re getting some fun out there on the road to see… Well I’ll stop now because I really don’t want to make any spoilers. But it was fun doing the stuff with Leslie Grace, who plays Batgirl, and portraying a different aspect of Jim Gordon than Commissioner Gordon.”

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Batgirl could still get a theatrical release

At the time of writing, bat girl is still slated to premiere on HBO Max, but with Warner Bros.’s merger with Discovery bringing about a number of strategic changes within the company, that could all change. During Blue Beetle has already been released in cinemas in August 2023, but there has not yet been any confirmation of this bat girl‘s release either way.

While the new strategy for all DC movies seems to be based on theatrical releases and not direct streaming, that seems odd batgirl, Described as “an insane entry into the DCEU,” HBO Max remains tied considering the appeal the return of Michael Keaton’s Batman could have on cinema audiences. It is not yet known whether Keaton’s appearances in bat girl and The Lightning are explicitly linked or not, or which should be first in the DCEU timeline, but with many schedule changes and cancellations already announced, the real question is whether bat girls current release schedule will endure?

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