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Backroom’s Race Clicker Codes for September 2022

Get the new Backroom Race Clicker codes, another click and race game from Roblox. Do you have what it takes to outrun the backroom monsters?

We have the latest codes for Backroom Race Clicker, another new and popular one Roblox Game is about clicking and walking as fast as possible. This time we’re in the spooky universe of Backrooms – a theme that’s very popular on the platform. A lot of these games have been very popular lately, so hop on the hype train and click away!

We check backroom race clicker codes, so you don’t have to. New codes are usually added quickly when it’s a new game, so stay tuned!

We added these codes 09/23

All backroom race clicker codes

Here are the latest Backroom Race Clicker codes for September 2022.

code Reward Active/Expired
publication 5 wins to get started active (NEW CODE)

Roblox codes are case sensitive – this means you must type it exactly as it appears in the table above, with all the same numbers, punctuation and capital letters.


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How to redeem codes in Backroom’s Race Clicker

How to get your free rewards in Backrooms Race Clicker.

  • Beat those codes button on the right side of the screen
  • enter the code
  • Press Enter or pay off
  • Enjoy these rewards!

Code not working? This is probably because you either entered it incorrectly or the code has expired. Check back often to see if any new codes have been added – this is a new game so we expect lots of new codes on the horizon soon.

What are Backroom’s Race Clicker Codes?

These are Backrooms Race Clicker codes free rewards issued by the developers at DoubleAce games. The game is still fairly new which means that the codes so far only reward you with wins. These victories will help you upgrade your racer and finally beat the last stretches of the spooky backrooms. New codes are likely to be issued milestones and Update.

How to get more codes

We will update this page with any new codes as they are added. So all you have to do is stop by here. If you want to stay up to date with new updates, codes and previews, be sure to follow the official twitter page here.

What is Backroom’s Race Clicker?

Backroom Race Clicker is the latest in a series of new and very popular games Racing/Clicker Games. You might recognize Race Clicker as one of the games that really exploded this genre, but there have been many other games since then. The goal is simple: the more you click, the faster you go. All of these games have different themes, and this one is inspired by Backrooms – that strange world of dark corridors and spooky monsters.

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