The latest season of Apex Legends ends today with Arsenal. Players can step through the revamped Worlds Edge and try out new myths in Ballistic. The patches are available and highlight the buff, nerf, and general changes to the Battle Royale experience.

L-Star EMG is crating as part of the new rotation, and a Midrange and Sentinel are available in the Crafter. Vault loot is generally boosted, giving you more chances of finding gold loot. The L-Star got a lot of buffs despite the reduction in base damage from 17 to 16. Now he has disruptor rounds that deal 60% more damage than shields.

As projectile growth increases, recoil patterns improve. Projectiles penetrate their targets and retain 60 percent of their damage. The R-99 has undergone a 1:2 annual size reduction at the same time as every other model. The Charger now fires three shots per clip instead of four and spawns less.

Here are some notes and full notes.



crate rotation

  • L-Star EMG comes out of the box.
  • Re-45 goes to the ground floor and returns to the ground.

Weaponsmiths cannot rotate.

  • SMG, the other owner of a craft, enters the craftsman.
  • Sentinel was used to trade artisans.
  • EVA-8 returned to the ground.
  • 30-30 repeater goes to the bottom.

The gold weapon rotation is required.

  • Rollbacks, Spinel, Mastiff, Volt.

Loot Spawns

We have improved the position of the wheel stand.

  • Increased chances of gold loot.
  • Added light mags to the fish pond.

The improved cargo bot loot.

  • Removed small healing items. – Gorilla, Mobil Respawn Beacon, White Armor, White Backpack.
  • Large healer and fire shield to allow for more coveted loot spawns.
  • Removed gold weapons from Purple Coastal Bots, but reduced attack probability in gold tiers.


L-Star EMG [Crate]

  • 16K Shield Damage: 2100 damage to shield.
  • Base damage reduced to 17 ($16).
  • Missiles are still carried through: 60 percent of the damage has been dealt with.
  • Projectile growth increased.
  • Skill patterns have improved.
  • barrel removed
  • Ammo supply: 324.
  • Reduced VFX brightness when approaching unarmored targets.

30-30 repeaters.

  • The projectile size has been increased after a full charge.

Triple recording

  • The projectile length has increased.
  • All new hips were destroyed by an aftermath.
  • After fully choking, the Davy Ball pattern will fully dangle.
  • Ammo to win a shot by 3 times.
  • Magazines that match the new ammo cost will be resized to match the new cost of purchasing a machine. Purple Rag: Increased five shots (from 9) to ten shots.

R-99 SMG

  • The bullets were removed from the base and the magazines sealed. No magazine has dropped to 19 (roughly 20). The White Journal was reduced to 21 (23 years). Blue Magazine slipped to 24 (was 25) and dropped to 24 (was 25). Purple & Gold magazine went down to 27 (28) and was 30.

charge gun

  • As of yesterday, the difference between three and four shots per magazine is ten.
  • Reduced survival rates.



Dark Veil

  • Scans and Species – Diamonds are no longer visible through the Dark Veil.


  • A class changes from skirmisher to supporter.


  • She will allow her tactics to now attack with her tactics instead of weapon dash speed.

attack class

  • To improve loot count, gains are reduced to increase skipping when upgrades have been more successful.
  • Now it’s more likely to go from white to purple to blue to gold.
  • Optics are now given by who can get them in front of you, rather than a team-based system, but rather by the legendary attack that opened them.
  • Added a special drop rate for Gold Optics.

Skirmisher class

  • The care package was automatically pinged to the team after it arrived.
  • This includes empty Care Packs that have already been looted by another team.

support class

  • Support Caches now guarantee that there is at least one battery in one of the secret compartment slots.
  • Support Bins now award BRBs when your ally is dead, even if you don’t have a banner card.
  • Legend Banners are now created by EVERY player supporting Class Legends in their roster.


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