Arizona State men’s basketball competes in the NCAA bubble games in Washington

Ask Bobby Hurley, the Arizona State men’s basketball coach, and he’ll tell you that with 11 games left in the regular season, it’s too early to start thinking about who’s in the NCAA postseason or not. A week ago, the Sun Devils were “in” according to most projections. But after being swept home from Los Angeles schools, they seem to have worked their way out, or at least are on the bubble — for now.

Hurley doesn’t necessarily believe that because he thinks his team still put in admirable performances for the rest of the season. He’s signed off on social media to ensure he’s less tempted to see who’s saying what.

“It makes me bury my head in the sand and figure out how to win game after game,” he said. “I’ve done a deeper dive, the blue heavyweights out there who are maybe 13-7 or 14-6 and there are a lot of big names that are kind of in our wheelhouse with overall record and in conference play. We definitely need to keep winning games and we’re trying to do that. Look at those names, look at their records, and then someone can come over and try to tell me we’re not having a good season.


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