ARGOS buyers have discovered a £4 heater perfect for the colder months.

The article saves you having to turn on the heating – and now at half the price.

Argos sells a nifty heater that’s perfect for keeping costs in checkPhoto credit: Getty – Contributor

Argos is selling a fleece wheat warmer on its website for £4 instead of £8.

It’s a microwaveable heatpack designed to relieve pain, but it could also keep you warm without having to shell out money on heating bills.

Sold in blue or purple, many customers bought the item, with one writing in its review section, “It does what it says on the tin, no frills, no fuss.”

Another said: “Keeps my feet warm as circulation in feet is poor.”

And another praised: “Serves its purpose!

If you buy from the site, remember to factor in additional shipping costs as well.

Argos delivery can cost from £3.95 but the price can go up depending on where you live and how many items you order.

Alternatively, you can pick it up at a store near you – you can find it using the locator tool on the Argos website.

It should let you know when you order if one is available at your nearest store and when you can pick it up.

However, remember that you should always check out other stores if you’ve missed a better deal.

You can use tools like Google Shopping or the Latest Deals app to compare the prices of similar products elsewhere.

We didn’t find any heated items to match the Argos price but we did find a B&Q car blanket for £18 for your car and a Dunelm fluffy blanket for £15.

Check how big each blanket is – maybe you’re looking for a larger one, or a small one like the Argos blanket might suffice.

How much does it cost to turn on the heating?

It’s good to know how much it might cost to turn on central heating – although the overall price won’t be the same for everyone, depending on what boiler you have, how much energy you use and who your provider is.

And remember it can cost more in April when energy bills soar to an average price of £3,000.

Recent figures from CheckaTrade show that the average hourly cost of running your heating is 11.51p per kilowatt hour. That means a 24kW boiler could cost you £2.76 an hour.

So leaving your heating on overnight for eight hours could cost you £22.08.

Multiply that by seven and you’re paying £154.56 for the week.

It’s also important to consider what tariff you’re on, as this can determine how much a night will cost you.

With the Economy 7 or 10 fares, you pay less at night but more during the day.

This applies to an average single-family house with the upper energy price limit, which is currently the cheapest available energy supply.

Elsewhere, shoppers are rushing to Aldi to pick up a £49.99 Kirkton House electric cooker, but you can only get it online.

Read more about the Scottish sun

The heater has two heat settings, a feature that prevents overheating, and a three-year warranty.

You get free delivery as it also costs over £30 and costs 68p an hour to run on the 2000W setting.


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