are you the one Season 8 (All-Queer Season) on Netflix?

Now that Netflix is ​​streaming a few seasons of the popular MTV dating series are you the one, fans have started to watch the series again. The show has even managed to attract new viewers who hadn’t seen the series when it first aired on MTV. Unfortunately, Netflix doesn’t offer all eight seasons of are you the one at the moment. Fans will have to hop from streamer to streamer to see the entire series. But is are you the one Season 8 available to stream on Netflix? We’ve shared where to stream Season 8 below!

A lot of people would argue that are you the one Season 8 is one of the best seasons of the dating series. are you the one Season 8 received critical acclaim and even won a GLAAD Media Award for Outstanding Reality Program. Season eight changed things by casting 16 sexually fluid cast members instead of a cast of straight men and women. This meant that a candidate’s perfect match could be anyone of any gender. This season also had the fewest cast members compared to previous seasons.

After the eighth season aired in 2019, fans were nervous it would be the final season as there was no news of a ninth season. We hadn’t heard any news about a ninth season until March 2022, when it was reported are you the one had been renewed. It has also been reported that Season 9 will be streamed on Paramount+ instead of being aired on MTV.

We don’t want to keep you from watching any longer are you the one Season 8. So read on to find out where Season 8 is available to stream.

are you the one Season 8 on Netflix?

I hate to tell you, but Season 8 isn’t streaming on Netflix. As of May 19, only seasons 4 and 6 will be streaming on the platform. There’s a chance that Netflix will acquire streaming rights for Season 8 in the future, but that just isn’t the case right now.

Where to watch Are You The One? season 8

The only place you can stream Season 8 is Paramount+. To access the episodes, you must subscribe to the streaming service. You also have the option to purchase individual episodes or the entire eighth season via Amazon Instant Video, Vudu, and Google Play.

After watching are you the one Season 8, be sure to return to Netflix Life for the full list of perfect games from this season.

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