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Arc Raiders has been delayed due to Embark Studios releasing Project Discovery First

Embark Studios has revealed that the reason for the Delay of the Arc Raiders stems from the decision to initially focus on another first-person shooter, codenamed Project Discovery. The Arc Raiders release date was originally set for some time in 2022, but has now been pushed back to a vague 2023 release window. Given the pressure that comes with releasing a studio’s first game, especially from a developer with many former EA DICE employees, it shows Embark Studios’ trust in Project Discovery.

Why Project Discovery is worth the cost of an Arc Raiders delay

Put simply, Arc Raiders’ release date has been pushed back due to “sequencing,” explains Patrick Söderlund, CEO of Embark Studios, in a post on Medium. The former Chief Design Officer at Electronic Arts says that “Project Discovery development has progressed faster” than the studio initially thought, to the point that it could release both Arc Raiders and Project Discovery in the same time frame. But since the developer is still a “relatively small studio”, the development effort required for this would understandably be too great.

So far, we don’t have too much information about Project Discovery, other than the preview posted above, which was revealed in early November last year. We know it’s a team-based FPS, and the teaser seems to indicate that the game will have vehicular combat, solid graphics, and a focus away from realism, as enemies are turned into a rain of coins on death. Söderlund promises that more Project Discovery news will be announced “very soon”, which would be good as no release date, let alone the actual title of the game, has been announced as of yet.

In the meantime, Arc Raiders’ delay will allow the developer to focus on a “PvP-focused game mode,” which began prototyping earlier this year. Once the team is ready to put the game through its paces with a large number of players, we’ll likely hear more about possible alpha or beta testing.

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