A recent poll suggests that most U.S. crypto users believe they will one day become billionaires, while another poll shows that a third of Aussies have very strong beliefs in a bright future for Bitcoin.

As coin head As mentioned the other day, the world of crypto can sometimes appear like a large hopium gas planet (or metaverse), and perhaps this proves the point.

The US-related Harris Poll report, titled Americans & Billionaires Survey, was released in late August and has so far passed us by, but some of its information is just too good to resist, especially given the current state of the market.

Harris Poll surveyed nearly 2,000 Americans to get a sense of what they think about billionaires, and 71% of crypto investors surveyed said they believe they “have the tools at their disposal to become a billionaire in the future.” “.

Whether those tools include a large trust fund, a venture capital buddy with hot tips, insight into CeFi token pump-and-dump groups, or just a hardware wallet and Moon Lambo belief in the quest for the next Shiba Inu , isn’t something the survey covered.

The crypto figure of 71% is particularly high compared to all groups surveyed as a whole, which is 44%.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, the majority of respondents – 60% – would like to become a billionaire one day and look up to Elon Musk, Warren Buffett, Jeff Bezos, etc.

However, 40% indicated that this was the case despise People with this amount of insane wealth, while 70% think billionaires are fundamentally pretty irresponsible and should be doing more with their wealth for a better society.

What, planning to literally send a dog meme coin to the moon in a SpaceX rocket isn’t improving society?

One in three Australians believe Bitcoin will overtake fiat currency use

Meanwhile, according to another prominent study — conducted by Finder — a third of Aussies believe bitcoin will one day overtake fiat currency. This is despite the ongoing crypto bear market and plunging prices — which was very widespread when the study was conducted in June of this year.

The nationally representative poll of 1,001 Australians found that 33% expect bitcoin will eventually become more widely used than fiat currencies.

Some other insights from the Finder report:

• Millennials (44%) and Gen Z (43%) are more likely to share this opinion. There are no surprises!

• Almost half (46%) of Australians believe Bitcoin is a legitimate investment, a number rising to 60% among Gen Z.

• However, more than half of the respondents (59%) believe that Bitcoin is purely speculative – and has no “real” value.

• While 71% believe Bitcoin is a bubble that will eventually burst. And that’s a belief held more strongly by baby boomers (83%), which is also unsurprising.

As for Gen X? I’m not sure, but the author of this article is one of them and owns some crypto (mainly bitcoin and ethereum), so no punching at clouds here. Still.

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