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Apex Legends Ranking System – Everything You Should Know

Don’t you know the Apex Legends Ranking System? Don’t worry, we’ve got everything you need to know about it.

It’s up to you and your teammates to defeat opponents of similar skill in the Apex Legends leaderboard if you think you’re a top player. The matchmaker will match you with opponents of similar skill, and you’ll get some takedowns, survive, and earn some RP. It is a place where players can compete against opponents of similar strength in competitive games.

There are some notable differences between ranked queues and regular queues. Players new to ranked games are encouraged to improve their gunplay, learn the maps, and become familiar with all game elements before entering the world. There are periods of competition in ranked leagues known as “Series”. The first is scheduled to run from July to September in Season 2.

In the future, Ranked Series could run slower than Apex Seasons as developers need more time for players to lock in to their true skill levels. We’re here to help you understand the Apex Legends Ranking System. So read below to know all about it.

Apex Legends ranking system

In terms of gameplay, ranked matches are almost exactly the same as standard trios. You can queue up alone or with up to two others in a party and play against 19 other teams on a map. However, the ranked queue sorts players based on their ranked points (RP).

The eight tiers in the Apex Legends Ranking System include Rookie, Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond, Master, and Apex Predator. Each of the first five tiers is divided into four divisions, with division four being the lowest. 750 players are only counted in the Apex Predator tier.

RP requirement for Division IV of each tier

In most cases, players are matched against opponents of the same rank. Group placement is determined by the highest level achieved. Players above Platinum cannot queue with players two tiers below them if they queue together. The leaderboard queue is only open to Platinum and Diamond players. See below the RP requirement for each tier’s Division IV.

  • Beginner: 0 RP
  • Bronze: 1000RP
  • Silver: 3000RP
  • Gold: 5400RP
  • Platinum: 8200 RP
  • Diamond: 11400 RP
  • Master: 15000 RP
  • Apex Predator: Top 750 players with over 15000 RP

How do you lose RP?

A player loses RP based on their level when starting a match. Beginners don’t lose RP just by playing the game, so with enough games played, they can slowly level up. Each other level loses RP as follows:

  • Beginner: 0 RP
  • Bronze: 10-19 VP
  • Silver: 22-31 RP
  • Gold: 34-43 RP
  • Platinum: 46-55 RP
  • Diamond: 58-67 RP
  • Master and Apex Predator: 70 RP, +5 for every 1000 RP earned, max 175

Due to this RP loss, it is not possible to level down. This means that if you go platinum in a ranked split, for example, you cannot drop to gold. The RP loss can cause players to drop divisions. The RP loss can also cause players to lose status if they fall below division cutoffs. Apex Predators players may lose status if they no longer rank within the top 750.

Ranked Leagues
Ranked Leagues

How do I get RP?

As a result of RP gains, the match winner earns 250 points if they score at least six takedowns during the match, reduced by their current tier’s entry fee. In order for players near the top of the ladder to climb the ladder, they must have a high kill/death ratio in their matches and survive long in their matches as the cost of joining the match increases and the requirements for reaching higher ones Divisions and levels increase .

RP can be obtained in two different ways. The first is to finish in the top 13 teams. The more RP you earn, the closer you get to the top spot. If you win the match, you can only earn a total of 100 RP this way.

If you are able to kill or assist an opponent, you will get RP. If you damage an enemy at least 10 seconds later that kills someone else, that counts as an assist. Up to a cap of six kills per match, players will earn RP for each kill. The amount of RP per kill is determined by the team’s standing at the end of the match, ranging from 10 RP if you’re under 10th place to 25 RP for victory. After the game is over, your team’s total RP gains are calculated.

Required level

You must be level 10 or higher to join ranked leagues. In your lobby, the matchmaker finds the player with the highest rank and calculates the corresponding match cost for each player. Each player will pay the appropriate price based on their current rank when queuing with other friends. High ranked players shouldn’t be able to fully carry their low ranked friends. If you line up with your Diamond II friend as a Bronze III player, you’re going to have a tough time!


A leaderboard puts a lot of emphasis on players staying until the very last second, unlike regular games. In such a case, if you leave the game while your teammates are still trying to revive you, you will be banned from playing another game queue. If you repeatedly abandon the game within a short period of time, the penalty increases to 10 minutes.

If 150 seconds pass without a teammate respawning after picking up their banner, or if the timer on their banner expires, players can safely exit the game.

If a player abandons the match, they also lose any RP they would have earned for that match. If the game disconnects before the dropship stage, their assigned (matchmade) teammates can leave the game without incurring the associated exit penalty. Players who were in the same group as the separated player will receive an “Abandon” penalty.

Rewards for the Apex Legends ranking system

The highest level achieved by players during two splits in each ranked season determines the rewards they receive at the end of each season. Each player receives a badge that commemorates their highest achievement. Gold and higher players will receive a special talisman to remember their achievements. Each Diamond player gets a special dive path to use in the next season. When the owner exits the DropShip, all players will see the dive path, colored according to the level reached.


Things to be aware of

  • Due to the prohibitive price of 60 RP per game, Apex Predators can lose their rank if someone else gets more RP than them. Finishing matches without gaining much RP also puts you at risk of losing ranks.
  • In unranked matches, two maps will be rotated every few hours to diversify gameplay and give players more options. About halfway through a ranked season, a ranked game uses the same map for all games for half of each season, known as a split.
  • If a split occurs, each player’s RP will be partially reset, lowering their rank by 1.5 levels. This is an effective approach to moving inactive players down the leaderboard and nurturing new potential.

So that was all you needed to know about the Apex Legends Ranking System. You have to be careful with this as it is not that easy.

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