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Apex Legends’ new healer needs a stim gun like Overwatch 2’s Ana

Despite improvements to Lifeline’s gear and her proficiency as a healer on every Apex Legends team, fans of this battle royale shooter have been calling on Respawn Entertainment for a while to introduce another healing-based Support Legend. In and between the discussions happening online, the idea that Apex Legends’ new healer needs a Stim Pistol ability like Overwatch 2’s Ana is getting popular – and we think it’s a good idea.

If there’s one thing keeping Lifeline from being at the top of our Apex Legends leaderboard, it’s that she can’t heal her squadmates at a distance. When it comes to playing one of the best competitive FPS games like Apex Legends, flanking tactics and surrounding your enemies can be important to your success – and these are things that make Lifeline’s DOC Heal Drone somewhat tactically redundant.

To counter those impractical situations that make Lifeline’s healing abilities a bit useless, fans of this game believe that Respawn Entertainment should resort to another hero shooter when it comes to boosting the medics in Apex Legends.

In a comment on a Reddit post that opened a discussion about “another healing legend” from “SignificantPrompt153,” several users suggested a stim pistol idea — something that could either be a healing drone similar to Lifeline’s DOC healing drone launch or use a stored syringe to offer that healing value to someone else remotely.

“Just have it shoot a stim-glob with one [Syringe] from your inventory and let it heal over time,” said one Apex Legends fan.

However, another has suggested that a “stimulation gun would be cool, but only if it took up the space you have.” [Heat Shield] domes or[Mobile Respawn Beacons]. This, rather than requiring a new healing-based legend altogether, would give everyone on the Apex Legends roster the opportunity to fill the role that Lifeline fills.

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Outside of a Stim Pistol, someone has suggested that the next Support Legend should have Splash Heal from Grenades as a passive or tactical ability that “does something similar”. With Legends like Ash, Fuse, and Caustic all making the most of Apex Legends’ throwing mechanics in their kits, we certainly don’t think this is an impossible idea.

Reddit user ‘RocketyPocket’ has suggested that Apex Legends needs a support legend that meets the aggressive healer archetype. A character whose healing abilities are boosted or recharge faster by dealing damage and shoving enemies is certainly something that would suit Apex Legends’ faster-paced playstyle. However, we’re not sure if this would quite match the aforementioned Stim Gun ability.

But that’s all speculation, as always. We know another support legend is coming to Apex Legends at some point, but this is one of the best battle royale games out there for a reason, and we’ll just have to wait and see what Respawn Entertainment has planned for the future. While we wait, catch up on the latest changes to the game with the latest Apex Legends patch notes here.

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